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need wall color ideas

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Image: one side of the roomImage: one side of the roomImage: opposite sideImage: opposite sideThis is a batchelors home. Will not be changing furniture anytime soon. Hates the plain white walls would like to add a splash of color.Sofa is mostly a brownish color with hits of blue and rose. As do the other chairs. He thought a grey wall color with a blue hue. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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I really love this site to get an idea for my home decoration. Some people love white paint for the wall and light color for the curtains. I hate dark colors as part of my house decoration because it seems that the whole house will be lonely and sad. web design columbia sc website design columbia sc

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i don't agree that painting the walls blue would make the room look dull. blue and brown go very well together and to avoid the room looking dull i would paint it in a smoky blue/cadet blue. i would choose a shade that is just deep enough to make the blue in the sofa pop, without matching it exactly. i would do one wall,( probably the one with the panelling, if you can not remove it or are not planning to) in that colour and the other three in a very soft coffee with lots of cream colour, with just a hint of the rose that is in the sofa. so that you are not sure that the rose is even there, except in the shadows and the right lighting. (i have a book of colour chips from a cloverdale paints and i could send you the chip numbers of the blues that i have pictured in my head for the projects i am working on.) then i would choose the accesories for the rest of the room so that it was either eclectic and open, without being sparce. some nice framed prints of artwork that the guy likes and any other items that represent the interests of the man whose room it is. i would paint the window frames and more than likely the door and its frame white. the coffee and end tables are sort of dated, but that can be fixed by painting the frames, including the gold a dark rich shade of espresso and if possible replace the glass with a rough textured tile. it would be a fairly simple afternoon job for even an amatuer. >sp< i could give you some tips if there is a private messaging option on this site. i am a new member and am just getting to know my way around. an area rug with a modern pattern, and maybe a cover for the sofa, i have covered many over the years, sometimes tailored, sometimes just a large piece of fabric and a lot of safety pins and a staple gun. haha :)  i would cover the chairs as well, either to match the sofa, or each other. you could even do them each slightly differently if you used the right fabrics and changed anything you would like in the shape with the stuffing. you can make all kinds of things work on a budget, and amazingly they seem to turn out when you really have to think about how it is going to be and how you are going to get things the way you see them in your head. but even if you left everything the same, except the blue chair, that one is the only piece that i don't feel the colour meshes well with the rest of the room. maybe paint the little table that is against the wall the same espresso shade and put a nice full plant that hangs down over the side and books or candles or any small arrangement of items that go along with the interests of the man whose room it is. byw, how does he feel about the colour and the furniture and the whole dealeeo? just curious, my dh can't seem to understand that things happen in a certain order, they can't happen out of that order if you want them to turn out right. ;) jk, he is actually really good about things and shares very similar taste to mine :)cheers, iamsues

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joeanna anthony

I think pastel shades like light yellow on the wall will look really good as the floor and the sofa are brown. Also you can also add some wall accessories to enhance the look of the room.

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You can use this types of decals to make your wall totally attractive.You can also get many more such decals and other home decor @ &

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There's really nothing wrong with the white wall. Just repaint it to look new or if the paint is fading already. What's missing I guess is a wall decoration and furniture. You can add a painting or canvas in your wall to make it more appealing. But if you really want to change the color of your wall, you should wait first until you buy some decoration and furnitures for it. It will be easy for you to decide what's appropriate color to put and paint your wall if you have proper decorations and furnitures to match on it.

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I dont think Blue will be a good option as it will make the room look dull. You anyways have a brown toned sofa and a brown floor. So do not go for blue. I suggest if you want to add color to your room add a rug, change your sofa upholstery and that should work. You may not need to paint the wall. Infact add some posters and paintings. All this will add color to your room.

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I would find some furniture you like before you paint the walls. It's a LOT easier to match paint to furniture then it is to match furniture to paint.

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Shaina Khan

Your room looks huge, well for paint option I would like to suggest not to go for tradition way of painting. Try out some color painting variation like sponging, ragging effect. Sponging effect is very good and gives creative look for your room

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Ms. Desjardins

PS paint over the accent wall to same color as the light walls. 

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Ms. Desjardins

Vivers wrote:
Image: one side of the roomImage: one side of the roomImage: opposite sideImage: opposite sideThis is a batchelors home. Will not be changing furniture anytime soon. Hates the plain white walls would like to add a splash of color.Sofa is mostly a brownish color with hits of blue and rose. As do the other chairs. He thought a grey wall color with a blue hue. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
NO no blue grey on your walls. Since you may want a more mascuine but brighter and fresher look - Get slip covers for all chairs and sofa. Make sure it is a heavy cotton such as duck cloth. Texture makes all the difference. A white or off white. Can be laundered easily. Include a sissal rug that is neutral. paint your tables the blue grey. put your sofa against the wall. Pull it together with a huge picture over your sofa. Find your picture on A naughtical theme - fishing scene or sail boat scene. The blue water will be soothing and more masculine.  Use med blue pillows for the sofa. Now you don't need to paint your walls but this room will not look blaaa. Throw in masculine assessories. Home Sense has masculine assessories that will fit such as anchors, etc. This makes it more masculine. Hope this helps. Sample if Nautical room design. go to

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I would also prefer a tan autogenous acrylic for this space. That way you do not charge to change any of the added decorating.

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I painted my room a navy blue a few years ago and it made the room very dark. I would recommend a tan interior paint for this space. That way you do not need to change any of the other decorating. 

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I also feel that blue can be a cool color for the room. But instead of wall paint you can think of using removable wall stickers. Once you get bored of that color just strip off the sticker. You can check out this site for interesting sticker  

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Yes blue may be right choice ! You can also use parrot green color .

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