Daily Inspiration

I think that everybody has a little creativity inside them. I’ve met people who say they’re not creative at all, but once you dig a little, there’s a mini artiste waiting to get out. Even if you don’t have a creative job like me, I think it’s great to get a daily dose of inspiration. That’s partly why blogs are so great!

For me, inspiration is all around and I like to collect little bits of this and that and pin them to the two large bulletin boards in my office at H&H. The grouping is always changing and shifting. The items may or may not have anything to do with a story I’m working on. There are no rules; it’s just a place to gather inspiration and a dose of fresh creativity each time I glance over during the day.

Here’s what my inspiration board looks like at the moment. I have so many inspiration photos and swatches that they’ve even spilled over onto the walls around the corkboards! Last week I threw a piece of leftover gingham fabric over an old table and tacked on some fringe with pushpins — classy! I think it’s fun for now. I even have a hat, lots of thank-you cards and random bits of ribbon and trim pinned to my board. All fun. All inspiring to me.

This little grouping is for an imaginary country house: The taupe linen is for a sofa, the crazy geranium print is for a stand-out chair, the sage/linen stripe is for some slipcovers and the block print is for some squishy feather pillows. The gingham ribbon? Maybe I’d use that to tie up some loose canvas roman blinds? And there are lots of paint colour options in the leaves of the geranium print.

As you probably know, I have a thing for blue and white and all things beachy and nautical. This striped seersucker fabric mixed with the global batik is a great combo, and I love them next to the monogrammed polka-dot stationery. The straw hat doesn’t hurt either! Pour me some lemonade, would you?

I’m also a big garden enthusiast, so these old botanical prints never go out of style for me. (Did you see the TV segment where I decoupaged them on a dresser?) I love them paired with the arsenic-green painted chest and maybe some awning stripe like on that card up there. The paint swatches are old ones from the original Martha Stewart paint collection and the pairings are still current and fresh.

So why not head out and pick up your own corkboard and let that artiste get to work? I promise it’ll make you smile.

For more, see Suzanne Dimma’s blog post on Inspiration Boards As Art, or Joel Bray’s bulletin board tips on Online TV.

Photo credits:
1-4. Michael Penney