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Design Glossary

Apron sink

A sink with a finished front surface that extends past the counter and is fully exposed from the front; can be made from granite porcelain stainless steel or marble.

Awning window

A type of window that swings open from the bottom.

Bamboo Blind

A window covering that is made of bamboo or a varieety of other woods plastic or faux wood. Also called woven blind.


Protects the bottom of the walls and hides space between the wall and floor.


Narrow vertical panelling with a bead or indent separating the boards.

Board Panel

Also known as Plank Panels. Available in most lumber stores board panels can be used for floor-to-ceiling panelling or cut for wainscotting. Board panels are usually available in 8-foot 10-foot or 12-foot lengths and sold in bundles that cover 12 to 14 square feet.

Box Pleated Bedskirt

A tailored bedskirt with several inverted pleats


Pertaining to drapery hardware. Often decorative used to mount rod to the wall. Attaches to rod at ends (and centre if rod is very long or drapes are heavy).


A thin wire nail of uniform thickness with a small head that can be off-centre.

Breakfast Pillow

"A small or baby size decorative pillow usually measuring about 12 x 16"" (30 x 41cm) with a ruffled edging or tailored flange."""

Butterfly yarn

A type of 100% nylon yarn enclosed in a woven ladder with flags every two inches and suitable for sweaters scarves trims pillows and accessories.


"1. A decoration carved in relief; usually the raised design and backgroud are contrasting colours.


Made by weaving together strands of the durable bark from the rattan palm it has traditionally been used in casual tropical decor classic British Colonial furniture and country antiques. Pre-woven sheets of caning or webbing are sold by the foot in varying widths. Much like unfinished wood webbing can be painted or stained. The cane can be cut to fit and glued in place or soaked in water to enhance its flexibility manipulated into shape and then air-dried to regain its tautness.

Casement window

they swing fully open from one side like a door for maximum ventilation. Size and screen permitting they can act as an emergency exit.


Moulding applied around windows and doors to conceal gaps between walls and jambs.

Chair Rail

Originally used to protect walls from the back of chiars with moulding that runs around a room at the height of a chair (approximately 2-1/2 to 3 feet from the floor). Today it serves a decorative purpose with wainscotting--it's the horizontal strip of wood that divides the panelling and the upper wall.

Cord cleat

A piece of metal hardware used to secure cords from blinds drapery and other window coverings.


Made by DuPont Corian is a registered trademark and is composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate. It takes the form of a solid surface used for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops and is versatile enough to be joined moulded and finished into different shapes.


A bed cover that reaches to the top of the bed and to the bottom of the box spring on three sides.

Crown Moulding

Also known as Cornice Moulding. Decorative moulding used to conceal the joint between the ceiling and the wall.


Less formal window covering typically made with a rod casing ot hung from rings.

Cut pile

Also called plush or velvet. Loops are cut low to produce dense sturdy tufts of twist yarn at a uniform height. A long-lasting flat smooth surface. Pressure will cause tracking.


A synthetic polyester fibre or washable wrinkle-resistant fabric commonly used to make boat sails or line upholstered cushions.


More formal window covering typically with pleated headings most often hung on a traverse rod as drawn drapery; can also be hung from rod with rings as stationary panel drapery in front of blind sheer or other undercurtain.

Drop-in Sink

This common basin style also called overmount has a lip that sits on top of the counter. IT is usually dropped into a vanity or countertop and the faucets are mounted either directly on the lip of the sink on the countertop or on the wall.

Duvet Cover

Originally intended only to protect your heirloom duvet the decorative duvet cover now an essential serves as protection as well as a beautiful focal point in your bedroom.


Carved or mouled in relief.

Epoxy glue

A strong hard chemically-resistant adhesive also used in coatings and laminates.

European Sham or Euro Sham

"Pillow covers that fit the large square 26 x 26"" (66 x 66 cm) European pillow. Place European pillows behind regular pillow shams to create the cozy inviting beds on our shopping site."

Face Nosing

The side overhang of the tread onto the outer stair wall (peeking out below spindles).

Face Stringer

The upper portion of the outter stair wall that's below the face nosing but above any wainscotting or panelling.


Decorative fixture attached to the end of a curtain rod or tieback.

Fixed window

Also known as picture windows they have a single piece of glass that sits within a non-moving sash.


A tailored flat edge or rim around the perimeter of a pillow or pillow cover.


Flat pile or no-pile rugs known for their durability and strength. They are made with a warp and weft foundation attached to a backing, but different types are woven using various techniques. Flatweaves are considered less formal than oriental or Persian rugs, and are usually a more affordable option. They are characterized by bold colours, geometric patterns and a casual look.

French casements

They consist of two windows that swing out in opposite directions but like french doors there is no centre post between the windows to obstruct views.


Pertaning to a window refers to the glass pane itself.Single-glazed windowa have one paneof glass in the sash; double- and triple-glazed windows have two ot three panes respectively with airspace between them and are more energy-efficient than single-glazed.


A curve in the handrail at the top or bottome of the stairs.


An eco-friendly wallcovering that adds natural texture to a room. Made from various Asian grasses and fibres like jute and hemp grasscloth is relatively easy to apply and maintain but usually comes unpasted and requires a self-applied heavy-duty adhesive.


A flexible loop that serves as a fastening support or reinforcement or an eyelet of firm material to strengthen or protect an opening.

Handrail or banister

The supportive and protective railing that runs alongside the stairs.


A tightly twisted heat-set cut pile resembling shag; texture minimizes tracking.


Finish at the top of a curtain or drapery ranging from simple pocket to tabs to gathers to pleats and swags.


A special method of embroidery commonly used to accent fine linens.

I-beam drapery track

A steel or aluminum beam which in cross section has the shape of an “I”; combines weight with strength and flexibility and is easily mounted on ceilings walls and window frames to support drapery.


Jacquard is the weaving process that creates intricate woven designs such as the pattern woven on our tone-on-tone stripe shower curtains.

Laminated glass

Refers to two or more layers of glass bonded together using heat and pressure with layers of transparent plastic in between. Offers ultraviolet-ray blockage.


Thin narrow strips of wood used in lattices or nailed to two-by-fours or rafters as a foundation for plaster or tiles.

LED Outdoor Fixture

Stands for light emitting diode. Unlike traditional bulbs which conduct electricity through heated filaments these tiny bulbs do not heat up and are therefore safe abd extreneky durable. LEDs can run on solar power batteries or a low-voltage power source.

Level-loop pile

Loops of yarn at a uniform height. Includes low-level loop a dense durable construction that won't show footprints (tracking); and delicate-looking needlepoint made on a jacquard loom.

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