DIY Cool Stools

One of my all-time favourite hobbies is to trawl local thrift shops and Goodwill stores for treasure. Sure, I come across a lot of junk (ahem…Granny’s doll-shaped toilet paper cover; posters of New Kids on the Block). But every once in a while I’ll spot a gem, something that stops me in my tracks and begs me to take it with me. I believe in heeding this cry for help and carting these finds home. I find they make my place feel a little more lived in, a little more interesting, and a little less big box.

Value Village side tables

I was in my local Value Village a while back and scoped out this pair of dynamite side tables that I’d transform into stools. Sure they’re a little banged up — but aren’t we all? Just slap on a coat of paint and you’re good to go. I like them in black so I’d use a high-gloss quart of Para Paint‘s high gloss Tuxedo (P5249-85). Snappy name! Try tucking the pair under a clean-lined console, like Ikea’s Malm Dressing Table in black-brown. Pile the stools up with books or use them for extra seating when entertaining guests.

Ikea Malm Dressing Table in dark-brown

For a softer approach, try wallpapering the top of the stools in a small-scale print from The Wallpaper Company (buy online, or The Home Depot carries select patterns). WC1280609 is a great option that is small enough for stools. Try painting the bases a fresh blue/green like Para’s Lena Pass (P5028-34). At the foot of a bed with pure white linens, they would look so elegant.

mint green decorative wallpaper

Photo credits:
1. Michael Penney
The Wallpaper Company