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3:30 A.M. - Full Panic Mode!!!

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Eliza Doolittle

[u][i]Warning[/i][/u]: If you don't have a cup of coffee in front of you you'll never get through this.

Yep, 3:30 in the morning and I bolt upright in full panic mode! Guts just-a-churning! All I could think about was OMG, WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!!!

I need some encouragement. I need to be told to "calm down; don't panic; it will all work out in the end." Maybe by the time I finish typing this my world will be as it was yesterday - calm and unruffled.

We've bought a new condo - it will be two years since we crossed their palm with $. It should be finished and ready for us to occupy in the middle of October. Our place here is sold.

One of the reasons we bought the new place was because we got carried away with the idea that 1700 sq. ft. was HUGE! We are in 1192 sq. ft. now - and we wanted a nice room for that BIG flat screen TV that every guy just has to have. Our present living room is very definitely girly and there's no way the Monday night football gang can really kick back and relax the way we'd like them to.

So here was our dream condo - beautifully situated, lovely view plus two more rooms than we have now - one being the family room that is open to the kitchen, the other an office. What could be more perfect? Even promises of a BIG storage room right next to our suite.

*Actually our floor plan was somewhere on this forum attached to an old post of mine.

Well it turns out both my husband and I are mathematically challenged. SERIOUSLY CHALLENGED!!!

Over the past two years we have purchased a 79" leather couch and matching chair and had another occasional chair made at Pebble Creek as well as a coffee table . . . all for the new imaginary family room. Those and the new dining room table and chairs have been in storage forever.

Oh, I forgot to mention: We have never set foot in our new condo. Nope, that's not allowed. We have to wait for our "official walk through" next month. We've just been going on the floor plan drawing and hoping the measurements aren't too far off. It's been agony. I don't recommend it as a fun thing to do.

Well, all of a sudden we have focused in on the numbers involved in the measurements of the various rooms. Yes, the suite has more square feet - but what we failed to observe in our zest to buy new "stuff" so everything would be all ready when we moved in and we wouldn't have to wait two more months for furniture to arrive (take breath here) . . . was that we also have two extra rooms and nearly all of the rooms are smaller than what we have here!!!

The bathrooms and closets and laundry room are bigger. Fact is we must get rid of one living room loveseat, two antique chairs, a china cabinet, side tables a coffee table ... oh the list goes on ... and on.

The decor I've loved for years will be decimated! Our present furniture simply does not work in the new condo. Even my darling kitchen set will have no home. I'm thinking of putting it on the balcony. I'll use the baker's rack as a flower and plant stand I guess. I think there's a spot out there for it.

The new place will have 2 stools at a counter.

We have a huge living room here - because we extended our living room into what was designed for a dining room.

The "office" in our present place (the second bedroom) is going to be replaced with California Closet's designed built-in cabinets for our cupboards and computer desk system. The Ikea desk, bookshelf and wall unit in the present office is now something else we have to get rid of ... and it's almost new!! I've put it on Craig's list ... to no avail. The way we want to place the new hide-a-bed in the office will not allow it to open. Fortunately we will now have a guest room. If more than two people want to sleep over ... well, they will just have to lie on the floor! (Just kidding!)

That storage room that we were told was going to be so wonderfully [i]huge [/i]- is not. The so-called "extra" storage we would be getting in the basement is apparently non-existent. What a disappointment THAT was to my husband. Loads of storage room was something really important to him. We will be able to get our big Christmas deco boxes in there and that's about it. Now he's talking about putting his winter tires in our new laundry room! Gaaaaaaaaaack!!!

So - I digress. Back to the new 11' x 13' 6" family room and all that new furniture we've had made and paid for. I should have paid attention to the depth of that coffee table. It's huge! 48" x 32 "! I should not have had that ever-so-comfy-small scale occasional chair made. I'm convinced it's going to be one chair too many. Where I wanted to place it would block that new 40" TV he's getting. I think that whole room is going to look jammed with furniture and hideous! I could be wrong - remember, it's all in my head still ... yep rattling around in my head and driving me nuts!!!

So I shall try to soothe my fevered brow with thoughts of our nice-sized balcony - 25' long and 15' at the deepest part in front of the family room. The view will be lovely. Too bad Summer is only on a Thursday most years.

Thanks for "listening." I needed to get things out on "paper" so I can see what a hole we've dug for ourselves. I certainly can't call up my pals and tell them - better to keep my stupidity in the closet!

Okay, so my stomach has settled down. I could go on ... and on until you go blind or my fingers seize up.

Why did I think we needed to move? Will someone remind me please.

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Eliza Doolittle's picture
Eliza Doolittle

anrol wrote:
Really glad to hear that you are getting settled and you love it! Post some pics when you get organized.

I don't even remember what that word means!:confused:

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Eliza Doolittle

Just to let you know that we are finally in our new condo and it is absolutely [I]fabulous[/I]! We are totally thrilled with everything. All the furniture we had made and have been fretting about for two YEARS fits. What a huge relief. I even went to the store I bought the coffee table at yesterday and ordered yet another end table for the family room. It will be here before Christmas.

Our view is to die for. Nothing but golf course, farmlands and mountains. We are soooo loving it!:confetti:

Girlfriends came over today and told me I was nuts for wanting to get rid of one of my matching love seats. They insisted that it belongs in the living room with the other one. I'd put it in my office. Guess what! It fits and it does look fine. Even my husband likes the look.

We still have tons of "stuff" to put away, but most of the boxes are emptied. Lots of room, just have to organize. This has been an exhausting move. I go out of this place in a pine box.

Eliza Doolittle's picture
Eliza Doolittle

I have a feeling many of you have "been there, done that." I'm not likely unique in my fears.

I know what you mean about Great Grandma's china cabinet! That's me!!! I feel so fortunate to have so many lovely things in my present home. My mother was a most gracious lady, who collected beautiful, quality things during her lifetime, and now that she has passed away, those treasures have become mine. It is rather heart wrenching for me that my family does not value her treasures like I do.

Like you say ... It will be nice to go and "visit" my treasures.

I have taken many photographs of this condo we are in now and all of a sudden I am seeing my home through different eyes. I am seeing [b][i]clutter[/i][/b]. I don't like what I am seeing!!! Go figure?

Since we de-cluttered to put this place up for sale (and sold it!), I've discovered that I don't miss [i]any [/i]of the boxes of "things" that we put in storage to stage this place. I don't miss ANY of it!

I [i]never [/i]thought I'd say that.

You know what would make things perfect for me: [i]If [/i]we discovered we had purchased too much furniture for our new family room and my son - who has just purchased a [i]very [/i]large home would say[i] "hey Mom, we will buy that chair and coffee table from you for what you paid for it!"[/i]

Man, I could do a whole lot of relaxing if that happened huh?

Ha!!! Does it snow in Maui?:laugh:

Eliza Doolittle's picture
Eliza Doolittle

Sheesh!!! I have just accidentally deleted this reply [i]twice!!![/i]

Just want to say "thanks" for taking the time to "listen" to me whine. It is appreciated and it has helped.

I think all the stress of this impending move and the myriad of uncertainties surrounding it just hit me between the eyes the other morning. I felt overwhelmed.

I don't know about the rest of you, but for me, writing is very cathartic. I can almost feel the stress evaporating as I type.

I have taken the bull by the horns. You would be impressed. I have already found new homes for many of my things. Things that I never ever thought I'd let go. All of a sudden they've just stopped mattering. I don't [i]need [/i]all that old furniture and all those things I call "my treasures."

I am going to strive mightily for a new look. An un-cluttered look.

My kids have taken everything I've offered so far. Surprise, surprise. I've even solved the problem of what to do with my computer station ... thanks to California Closets.

I'm only anxious about that darn family room. The rest of the place I'm no longer fretting about. It will work out. I'm just wondering if we can get used to sitting on the couch with our feet in the fireplace? Whaddya think?

I'm hesitating to hire a decorator ... not because I think I don't need one - heaven only knows [i]I do ..[/i]. but because it's really closing the barn door after the cow is gone. Remember, I've had a chair and a coffee table and a sofa and matching chair "made." I've paid for it all. It's done. I'm stuck with it. [u]It's [i]GOT [/i]to work[/u]! We can push it around into every conceivable position and it is either going to fit or [b]IT [i]IS [/i]GOING TO FIT!!![/b] :cry:

I'm laughing. I'm such an idiot. :o

I'll let you know what the outcome is ... and hey, if you are perchance looking for a really lovely Pebble Creek coffee table and a darling, incredibly comfortable occasional chair in a very soft, sagey green, let me know - for a couple of grand I can end your search!;)

Eliza Doolittle's picture
Eliza Doolittle

luvtodecorate wrote:
Eliza, do calm down, just think it's not the end of the world yet ;) I'm sure things will work out and if not, try selling them on Kijiji or craiglist, have a giant garage sale and if all fails, give it to family or friends.....really wish you good luck on this.

Yes, I've already got the Ikea stuff on Kijiji and Craig's List. I think you are right ... I may have to give it away. Sniffle.

Thanks for your good wishes. I do appreciate it.

Eliza Doolittle's picture
Eliza Doolittle

Pearl_girl wrote:
:) I would not panic just yet.
I am sure members here can help you solve any furniture placement dilemmas.

Thanks for finding that floor plan. You are a whiz!

If photos of the stuff we've bought would assist you to assist me ... just let me know.

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