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A brag, and a question

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Remember me asking for advice last month on 6' high wainscotting? Well DH did it yesterday afternoon and I love it! It still needs to be painted (cloud white) but you get the idea.

My only problem is, I had been saving these 3 portraits for this wall, and he ended up making 4 panels, instead of 3 or 5. So I hung the centre picture on one of the trim pieces. Does this look dumb? I really don't know what I would do otherwise, as I have nowhere else to put these, and nothing else to go here. :hairpull: Does it really look OK? I can't put anything on the two outside panels, because the far right panel is covered by the glass door to downstairs when it is open, which it often is. TIA!

ETA: There is actually 2 feet above the wainscotting - it kind of got cut off and it looks like the pictures are hung really high, but they are at eye level. There's a big fugly ceiling fan in the dining room we haven't replaced yet that I was trying to avoid in the pic. :p I did consider centring the pics vertically in the panels, but they would have been too low.

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Well I thought I'd update you guys on how it turned out. I ended up putting my four pics up, and we're really happy with it. We're leaving the ceiling fan for now, to see how much we need it in the summer, but more than likely we'll replace it. I got a small handful of tulips today too, don't they look springy?? :) Thanks for all your advice.

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I actually like the idea of hanging the photos with ribbon from the top of the rail. I have seen it done quite often at that height of panelling...there was a really great photo in a House Beautiful magazine that I saw just the other day. Unfortunately I was at reading it at the library, so no photo to post, but here is a similar idea from the Design Inc. website.

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I would prefer to have the wainscotting to be the main feature.
The next best idea was dbd ribbon and pics idea.
Also what some others have said,Anice chandelier for more interest.
I love what your DH did, what a talented guy :clapping:

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OK this is what we're going to do. DH doesn't like the colour landscapes on that wall so we're going to put our 4 8x10 b/w landscapes up - one in each panel. It will really look awesome I think. He is putting a stop on for the door so that won't be a problem. Now I just have to rethink what to put in the living room. :cry:

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OK, I agree on the portraits. I think I will leave these landscapes there for now, and think about doing something square. Do you think having something on each panel would be too much? i'm thinking of framing some really nice paper in plain chocolate or black frames...

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OK how about this? They are not even because I'm using the nails that were there - I would hang each of them centred on each panel. I think I like this better? Once the wall is painted it will be crisp and sharp. Or should I do the original 3, more spaced out, with the ribbons?

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Two of any of them won't fit on one panel.

Interesting idea with the ribbons! So hanging the pictures on/at the trim piece instead of inside the panels is OK? I agree they look better centred vertically. I will have to try that tomorrow when DH goes back to work... :rolleyes:

I thought of something else I could do - I have two 8x14 framed landscape photos elsewhere and I could put those in the two middle panels? I've just never been a fan of 2 of anything. Where I have them now they are on either side of a shelving unit in the kids TV room so i wouldn't mind losing them there, and I haven't painted in there yet so I could move something around.

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Lisa At Home

Love the look of new wainscotting and am sure will look wonderful painted out in Cloud White. I also think that the way the pictures are hung now do look awkward. I am leaning toward the mock-up that DBD has done with pics more spaced out. Or...find another place to hang them and leave the wainscotting plain. (painted)

Looking forward to seeing painted out...looks like your DH did a great job!

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