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Fall bulbs

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I just purchased some daffodil bulbs to plant this fall for Spring.
Any hints before I get started.

I am going to put some in my urns so they come up for an early spring display.

I don't have a bulb planter tool (maybe I will check with some neighbours) and what should I buy at the garden center (soil or mulch?)

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Status report:

The daffs that I planted in the fall are up and sprouting. The buds just a need another day or so.


Today, I open the door, don't I find a chewed up dead flower head on the ground walkway. Seems like my squirrels just had to ruin another plant.

The reason why I purposely put in the daffodils - supposedly squirrels won't touch them. True, they didn't dig up the bulbs - but they tried eating the flower heads. I see they spit them out !!!

can't they tell the difference between yellow tuplips & daffs ?

Very disappointing. I hope they will leave the other buds and let them flower.

I can't enjoy my cherries nor raspberries - daffodils too !!:mad:

& the bulbs that I planted inside at the same time have sprouted in the last 6 months but no flowers. That experiement to force the blooms inside went bust:cool::cry:

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I hope we could see that on pictures. Before the winter comes. It's pretty interesting.

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Just wanted to give an update.

When I was planting some of the fall daffodil bulbs in the garden, there were some that already had some green new shoots growing. I took those ones that were already sprouting and I placed them in some indoor potting soil in a container indoors and placed pebbles on the top of the soil. The new green shoots/growth have popped through amongst the stones.

I will continue to give progress as time goes by.

& more importantly, there are no signs that the squirrels have discovered my planted bulbs, yet.

Soon the ground will freeze and be snow covered.

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Thanks Lacombe !

I was aware about the wire mesh but the tricks about placing some jagged edge rocks/stones around might also deter the critters. I planted only daffodils because they seem to be the 'toxic' natures bulb to critters.

I will see with time. If the squirrels decide to dig them and toss them aside I will then resort to wrapping the mesh.

However, I did just read about dipping them in castor oil if one wanted to forego the wire mesh. Too late for me now, but who knows, I might be out next week or so gathering my squirrelly mess and then off to plan B.


Gotta love it at its best and worst of times.


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I got all my bulbs planted. I noticed some were already sprouting,

I took those ones and potted them to grow inside.

Does anyone think they will actually flower indoors ? I'll see and post my progress.

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I am situated in zone 4 .

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PG, excellent tip ! thanks :)

I also heard if you place human hair around it may also deter the critters.

& I don't think I am going to bother with the wire mesh. My zone is quite north so the thaw issue is unthinkable.


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Thanks for the input. I purposely bought daffodils because of the squirrely rodents


I saw that they would chop the flowers/tulips right off the stem and was told that they would stay away from the toxic daffodils.

Now, I am thinking that THEY will dig them up and when realize what they are just toss them.

So how would I stop this. Would I have to encase the bulbs in some type of wire/mesh netting.

This is sounding more cumbersome than I originally intended.


Love nature but my cherry tree and raspberry bushes do get raided every summer and I don't really want to spend any energy on prevention/security.


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