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How Do You Know When...

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Lisa At Home

Another very hard day for me...and another trip to the Vet this am.
Mocha (our Choc. Lab) spent several days in the kennel last weekend while we were away and has come home not in great shape. I feel nothing but guilt wondering if she slipped or if something happened to her.

Last couple of days she's refusing to do the stairs and stays on the main floor.(our family room on 2nd floor and bedroom where we sleep on 3rd) She won't get up to greet us-very unusual for her.
She whimpers when she lays down or tries to stand.She's been on medication since last Fall for pain/arthritis which seemed to be working well. It's breaking my heart:cry:

How do you know when it might soon be time? I'm in denial and don't want to deal with it and DH says I have to accept it. Do I wait and be hopeful that once it warms up she might be better again?? Sorry...maybe I'm just 'venting' sort of speak. I just look at her and cry. I can't accept that just last week she was great and now struggling with every step.

Trying more meds we got today. I think Macsmom mentioned acupuncture before and I'm willing to try anything. I also don't want her to suffer...
Is pain management fair??

Any guidance out there from others that may have gone through this?


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Lisa At Home

Thanks all for the positive thoughts...she's doing much better:)

Wolfbaby-Thanks for your insight also. It was more than likely a drafty kennel and perhaps forgotten medication. She's been so much better in the past week. Stairs still a challenge, but I can accept that. (I just saw info on Lyme's and thought 'What If??')

We are also giving her 'people' glucosamine... will inquire about it in powder format if it can work that much better for her.

Janet-Hoping Sandy & Mocha are both with us for a while yet!!

With hugs from Mocha...

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Lisa At Home

Thanks for asking Wolfbaby.

She's doing better than a week ago, but still not as good as a couple of weeks ago before she went to the kennel. Not that it was tested, but Vet says Lyme's unlikely. I think I have to face the hard facts that she's a 12 year old Lab struggling with arthritis. I keep thinking the kennel may not have walked her as often as they should have and maybe forgot some medication...but who knows for sure. I did call the kennel and they had no report indicated in the 'Incidents' book. If only dogs could talk!

The Vet has increased her painkillers (and our spending!) from 2 to 3 Tramadol/day and her Metacam (anti-inflammatory) has stayed the same. She was also put on an antibiotic for the sore and another painkiller for several days (Gabapantin-sp?)
Poor Moch...she's probably stoned half the day:eek:

Anyways, she's not whimpering any longer when getting up or laying down and does very well out on her (shorter) walks. She's certainly more upbeat than she was and back to wagging her tail all the time. Taking stairs another matter. (a challenge)..but guess that is to be expected at this stage.

I heard about another painkiller that is an injenction on a monthly basis (trying to recall name) and will be asking my vet about this-follow up scheduled for next week.

Fingers & paws crossed that she'll be with us a while longer:)

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Lisa At Home

I'm doing some research on-line and now am officially flipping out!!

DBD-I never would have even guessed at a tick bourne illness, but my God-Just read about Lyme disease and am thinking that could be it. (DH says I do far too much self diagnosis)

Yes, Mocha is old and suffers from arthritis but to go from being able to get around and a little difficulty on stairs to not being able to stand without crying and walking while trying to lift back legs...all a change in less than 4 days. Can that be normal??

Anyway-we discovered a 'sore' under her belly yesterday. Looked like an inverted nipple with a hole in the middle. Vet we took her to didn't know what it was, but precribed some antibiotics along with the increased pain meds.(Our reg. vet not in)
As I'm reading about Lyme, it talks to sudden onset of limping/severe weakness (Check), sore (check), obsessive/compulive behaviour such as licking fur (Check-she's been doing that quite a bit)

Could it be?? Has anyone ever had a pet with Lyme disease or other tick bourne illness before?

I'm calling vet tomorrow am...likely another expensive one as it'll be emergency clinic. (Family day holiday here in ON)
Oh...these pets that steal our hearts. I'll be up all night wondering about it...

Thanks for all the well-wishes...will keep you posted.
DBD-thanks for heads up on tick-borne never know!! Bring on the tests...I want my sweet girl to get better!!!

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Lisa At Home

Thanks so much DBD for the detailed's a virtual hug for you:)

We went through so much with her last summer...
Cushings did come up a couple of times and we've had blood work done on a couple of occasions to test. At one point, vet was pretty sure that's what is was, but the 2nd testing came back negative. I guess it is very difficult to who knows. Maybe it warrants re-testing.

She's laying low tonight. Seems to be able to walk ok, just really stuggling with getting up from a lying down position and that 1st step seems to be really painful. (Back hind leg leaning inward-very hesitant to put any weight on it and the whimpering. So hard to watch her...)

She's definitely lost muscle in her back end legs.

Mocha has been on Tramadol and Metacam for months and as of today, increasing the dosage on Tramadol + a new one to try (can't remember name-it's downstairs) Getting costly @ $400/mth for pills. (Hate to see what it will run with new medication-they just gave us a few sample pills today)

Will be returning to the Vet mid-week for follow up.
Will keep you posted...

Many thanks again for your experience and thoughts!!

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