Kitchen Storage Accessories

There is nothing nicer than cooking in a well-organized kitchen. But without all the necessary tools like trays, jars and labels, it’s hard to be disciplined about it. I need my space to be well-planned if I’m going to keep it organized.

I love the idea of a walk-in pantry like this one. Since a space like this is a luxury for some, myself included, stick to basics when it comes to organizing a kitchen. I’ve listed a few items below that keep my own kitchen clutter-free.

Here’s what irks me: opened packages of baking supplies that live in their original packaging. A simple solution is large glass jars that free up cabinet space and look beautiful on your countertop.

Baskets have so many uses in the kitchen. I love seeing them tucked under a bench filled with extra linens and bags of potatoes.

A nifty cart is a perfect little spot to chop vegetables. The shelves on this one from Ikea make great storage for your cookbooks.

I fall into the “love open shelving in a kitchen” category. Picture those glass jars filled with baking goods on this sweet shelf from The Home Depot.

Keep things looking pretty in this eco-fibre compost bin.

And because everyone needs a string dispenser… West Elm brings you one that doubles as art.

Share your own kitchen storage tips below!

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