Pretty White Bedroom

A black bed frame adds contrast. »

Pretty White Bedroom - House & Home

Nina Mair's Shell Collection

A new line of luxury bathroom appliances. »

Nina Mair's Shell Collection - House & Home

Refresh Your Kitchen

Three ways to spruce up the hub of every party! »

Refresh Your Kitchen - House & Home

Ai Weiwei's @Large

Until April 26, 2015. »

Ai Weiwei's @Large - House & Home

Wood-Lined Room

Natural materials bring the outdoors in. »

Wood-Lined Room - House & Home

Unique Vancouver Home

A narrow space with loads of natural light. »

Unique Vancouver Home - House & Home

Ikea's Regissör Collection

Setting up furniture has never been easier. »

Ikea's Regissör Collection - House & Home

EZ Papes Wallpaper

Flavor Paper is risk-free wall art. »

EZ Papes Wallpaper - House & Home

Open-Concept Dining Room

A perfect space for entertaining. »

Open-Concept Dining Room - House & Home

Modernist Living Room

A stylish space with colourful accents. »

Modernist Living Room - House & Home