Photo Gallery: Suzanne Dimma's Renovations

As Editor-in-chief of House & Home magazine, Suzanne Dimma oversees every story and photo that goes onto the pages of our magazine. With her finger on the pulse of the latest trends, it's no surprise that her own homes are as stylish as any of the spaces featured in the magazine over the years. From her stunning kitchens to her Scandi-style basement, you'll be inspired by this gallery of rooms that expertly mix traditional and modern decorating and design.

  • Suzanne Dimma's Latest Kitchen Renovation

    Suzanne's kitchen gets a fresh look.

    Suzanne and her husband, designer Arriz Hassam, approached their kitchen renovation in phases. This way, they could really analyze what they needed from the space, and plan accordingly. In their most recent phase, seen in House & Home's June 2014 issue, they replaced the old chandelier over their gorgeous marble island with pendant lights. The gold tone on the inside of the shades casts a warm glow in the space.

    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
  • Suzanne Dimma's Kitchen Island

    A stunning marble island punctuates the space.

    One thing that Suzanne kept in her latest kitchen renovation was the beautiful island that Arriz designed. Drawers provide plenty of storage space, while the waterfall sides of the island float of the ground to give the substantial piece a light look. Aside from being practical, the piece also helps unify the space, as the tone of the kitchen's upper cabinetry was inspired by the the marble's soft grey veining. 

    Source: House & Home June 2014 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
  • Suzanne Dimma's New Cabinetry

    A mix of painted and natural wood adds interest.

    Suzanne and Arriz originally disagreed on whether to choose natural or painted wood for their new cabinetry. "I like natural wood in the kitchen," Arriz says. "It adds warmth and ages well." Suzanne wanted soft grey painted cabinets throughout, but ultimately agreed that "on everything it would have been a bit predictable. Somehow the wood has so much more personality."

    Source: House & Home June 2014 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
  • Suzanne Dimma's New Fridge and Pantry

    A custom wine rack is practical and beautiful.

    One important change Suzanne made in her latest renovation was adding a counter-depth fridge and pantry to open up the space. Between them is a wine rack Arriz designed, which prevents bottles from rolling around. Gorgeous walnut doors on the pantry add warmth in the space.

    Watch our video tour of Suzanne's kitchen.

    Source: House & Home June 2014 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
  • Suzanne Dimma's Basement Renovation

    Bright whites make this space feel open and airy.

    Suzanne and Arriz were in need of more space in their downtown Toronto home. So they decided to embark on converting their one-bedroom basement apartment into a bright and multifunctional living space. In this seating area, white-painted wood panelling adds texture, while a low foundation shelf was turned into a bench with seat cushions and throw pillows. Hits of black, blue and graphic pattern add contrast.

    Source: House & Home December 2013 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
  • Suzanne Dimma's Basement Kitchenette

    This Scandi-style kitchen has modern appeal.

    Suzanne and Arriz chose modern Scandinavian inspired elements for their basement renovation. In their galley-style kitchenette, Ikea cabinetry and countertops were cost-saving and helped create the streamlined look they were after.

    Source: House & Home December 2013 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
  • Suzanne Dimma's Basement Hallway

    Generous storage keeps everything in its place.

    A foundation ledge along the hallway is completely concealed by a row of custom bookcases. Suzanne rounded up all of the design and architecture books from throughout her home (it took her 30 trips!) and displayed them all here. The hall now also functions as a library and resource centre.

    Source: House & Home December 2013 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
  • Suzanne Dimma's Basement Sitting Area

    Whitewashed walls and doors keep things bright.

    This seating area at the bottom of the stairs maintains the fresh Scandi style in the rest of Suzanne's basement, and features a chic floating shelf for displaying black and white photography.

    Source: House & Home December 2013 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
  • Suzanne Dimma's Basement Work Space

    A streamlined office is ideal for smaller spaces.

    One of the things Suzanne and Arriz needed most from their renovation was an efficient workspace. A solid stretch of durable Staron countertop from Ikea runs the length of the workspace to create a generous, seamless surface. Old-school filing cabinets serve as dividers, while slender white oak office chairs keep the look light.

    Source: House & Home December 2013 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
  • Suzanne Dimma's Basement Bathroom

    A white oak vanity adds warmth in the space.

    A colour palette of white, oak, and black looks fresh in the basement bathroom. The space comes together beautifully thanks to a clean-lined vanity, classic subway tiles, and a statement wall sconce.

    Watch our video tour of Suzanne's basement.

    Source: House & Home December 2013 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
  • Suzanne Dimma's Front Hall
    Victorian and modern sensibilities meet in this unique hall.

    "The front hall is one of my favourite parts of my current house," says Suzanne. Featuring a turned newel post, transom window and hexagonal penny floor tiles, the space pays homage to her Victorian detached home's history while embracing modern design trends, like the graphic rug and crisp white walls. "We designed this space for my show on HGTV, The Style Dept. It was beautiful but didn't really flow with the rest of the house, so I updated it again — see the new design in our November 2010 issue."

    Photographer: Michael Alberstat
  • Suzanne Dimma's Living Room
    Ebony-stained floors add impact to this neutral space.

    "This living room is the room that sold me on the house," explains Suzanne. "It has soaring 12' ceilings, so it feels really spacious." A mix of modern and traditional touches, like the William Birch sofa paired with a low Eames chair and stool, blends her personal taste and Arriz's. "I did a salon-style gallery wall in this house, too. It lends the room a library feel that is so inviting come winter time. I have lots of fun changing things up in this room — I have a few sets of drapes that I like to switch up, for instance," says Suzanne. "The antique globe was in my dad's library when I was a kid, and he let me have it when I moved in. I love the way it casts a soft glow in the room."

    Photographer: Rob Fiocca
  • Suzanne Dimma's Sofa
    Switch up your sofa with slipcovers.

    "I constantly change the seat cushions on the sofa, trying out different looks," adds Suzanne. "Here they were in velvet, but I have a patterned fabric, I have all white, I have natural linen, and I just change it up all the time. It’s a good idea because it’s not that expensive — you just re-do the cushions, not the whole couch." The salon wall in the living room is one of her favourite features. "I frame each piece to suit the art — so there’s no particular repetition of style or colour in the framing, but it works."

    Photographer: Rob Fiocca
  • Suzanne Dimma's Fireplace
    A unique tile surround gives a fireplace character.

    The blue Delph-style tiles on the fireplace surround came with Suzanne's new house, and she loved them so much she kept them. "The layer of colour and pattern adds a lot to the room, making it a bit more eclectic," she says. She had the hearth re-clad in granite to cover the orange ceramic tile.

    Photographer: Rob Fiocca
  • Suzanne Dimma's Gilded Mirror
    Create vignettes to display personal treasures.

    "A friend of mine had this mirror forever, and I traded it for an old computer," Suzanne explains. "The mirror was falling apart, in a state of total disrepair — the entire top was missing. I had an artisan re-make it, by creating molds of the one side that was intact and duplicating it on the other side and re-gilding the entire thing. It was a labour of love, but it’s beautiful because it looks like it could have been imported from a French antique store." Now hanging in her living room, the mirror takes pride of place with books and other curios, like the antique clock that belonged to Suzanne's grandmother.

    Photographer: Rob Fiocca
  • Suzanne Dimma's Kitchen
    Add a chandelier for extra sparkle in the kitchen.

    "For budget reasons, and because the existing cherry cabinetry was really well constructed, we chose not to fully renovate the house's original farmhouse-style kitchen," explains Suzanne. Instead, she and Arriz removed the upper cabinets and replaced them with a streamlined shelf and cabinet combination for a new look. They also added a custom island with a marble waterfall countertop, which has become indispensable both in everyday life and when entertaining. "This is the hub of the house. I picked up the orange kilim rug in Paris and keep moving it to different rooms of the house."

    Photographer: Rob Fiocca
  • Suzanne Dimma's Dining Room
    Punch up a neutral palette with bright blue and green accents.

    The art hanging in Suzanne's dining room was made by friend and photographer, Colin Faulkner. "I happen to be a big water person, and I fell in love with the series he did at Lake Huron," she says. "I grounded its blue-green tones by painting the wall behind it a warm grey by Farrow & Ball. It's a small room but it's beautiful to dine here. I like to roll out the carpet in the colder months and roll it up in the summer."

    Photographer: Rob Fiocca
  • Suzanne Dimma's Bedroom
    Soft blue grasscloth adds a hit of colour to this relaxed, neutral bedroom.

    Surrounded by custom built-in storage, Suzanne and Arriz's bed is the focal point of the bedroom. "I had this bed made when I moved out of my parent's home when I was about 18, and I still have it," she says. "I keep trying to find the perfect new bed, and I can’t find one that I like enough to make the switch." The suzani was a gift from Arriz, found on his travels.

    Photographer: Rob Fiocca
  • Suzanne Dimma's Inspiration Board
    Keep inspiring images and momentos close at hand with a mood board.

    "I tend to use the frame of this oval mirror in my bedroom to stick pictures and mementos," says Suzanne. "It’s not really a proper inspiration board, but it’s a good example that just about anything can become a place for your keepsakes. And it adds a sense of personality and intimacy to your decor."

    Photographer: Rob Fiocca
  • Suzanne Dimma's Ensuite Bathroom

    Soft blue walls play up a fresh, watery feel that's perfect for a bathroom.

    Suzanne's ensuite bathroom features 1" white mosaic tile on the floor and full-height subway tile behind the built-in bath and glass free-standing shower (not shown). By mounting the cabinets on the wall instead of the floor, she created the illusion of a bigger bathroom. She added extra sparkle with a vintage metal cabinet she's had for years, a gilded mirror and a collection of glass vessels lining the built-in marble shelf behind the tub.

    Photographer: Michael Alberstat
  • Suzanne Dimma's Den
    Create a bright and inviting multi-functional space with a mix of furniture styles.

    "The leather sofa was from Arriz's old loft; it's actually a collector's item," says Suzanne. "The den was the only place in the whole house where it would fit, so we had to make it work. I love it when someone gives you a challenge and you have to work around it." She saved space by combining the den with a home office, and added offset cabinets above the desk to add interest to the office area.

    Photographer: Michael Alberstat
  • Suzanne Dimma's Guest Bathroom
    Tiffany blue walls add a feminine, modern touch to this classic bathroom.

    "We ran the subway tiles full-height for a spa effect, and paired them with Carrara marble floor tiles for a bit of pattern," says Suzanne. Quirky finds, like the trunk she snapped up at Aberfoyle Antique Market for $1, give the traditional space character.

    Photographer: Rob Fiocca
  • Suzanne Dimma's Guest Bathroom Sink
    Garage-sale finds add vintage charm to a bathroom.

    "I found this sink at a yard sale," recalls Suzanne. "I got there really early and all the pickers were trying to convince me to let them have it." She uses the ledge running along the subway tile to display vignettes. "I like to create areas for displaying things; I change them up all the time."

    Photographer: Rob Fiocca
  • Suzanne Dimma's Landing
    Create impact with a vibrant wall colour.

    "The colour-blocked chartreuse wall on our back stairs landing is the only place where we went crazy with colour," explains Suzanne. The settee is from Trianon with Designer’s Guild fabric, a look she first spotted at a photoshoot and had to have for her own home. "The pink settee and the green wall juxtapose so well against each other," she adds. The framed print is by artist and friend George Whiteside.

    Photographer: Rob Fiocca
  • Suzanne Dimma's Back Hall
    Streamline storage spaces in entryways with clever built-ins.

    Suzanne's back entryway serves as a drop-off spot for daily necessities when entering or leaving the house. Custom-designed built-in units by the door provide extra storage, but have an unusual inspiration: "This whole construction is for litter boxes," says Suzanne. Holes cut in the bottom section allow her cats to enter and exit while concealing the litter boxes.

    Photographer: Rob Fiocca
  • Suzanne Dimma's Old Hallway
    Install floating storage to create the illusion of more floor space and hide an unattractive floor grate.

    "This cabinet was the abandoned top of an old hutch that I installed in the entrance of my first house," explains Suzanne. "It was a tiny house, built in 1858, in Toronto's Annex neighbourhood that I gutted and reconfigured for one person. This shot was on the cover of our February/March 2000 issue. I've never had so much response to a space I worked on as I did when this house was featured."

    Photographer: Per Kristiansen
  • Suzanne Dimma's Old Living Room
    Create a focal point with a simple fireplace.

    "One of the best things I did in my old row house was to install this simple fireplace with its limestone surround," says Suzanne. "I designed it with a sense of verticality, to feel elegant. Because the home was a rowhouse, the fireplace had to be built out from the wall between the living room and kitchen. Most of my furniture was flea market finds that I had reupholstered and slipcovered."

    Photographer: Per Kristiansen
  • Suzanne Dimma's Old Gallery Wall
    Add drama and character to any space with an art collection.

    "I had this limestone bench installed along the length of my living room wall. I love how it enveloped the room, adding a modern element and providing a spot to lean a collection of artwork," Suzanne explains. "The hanging cable system above the bench took a full two days to map out and install."

    Photographer: Per Kristiansen
  • Suzanne Dimma's Old Kitchen

    Stainless steel countertops, white beadboard and mismatched French garden chairs have timeless appeal.

    "I still love this kitchen and I have lots of fond memories built around it," says Suzanne. "It was so charming and the chalkboard wall was so much fun when I had guests. The eat-in dining area felt very European and the light that poured in through the back French doors was gorgeous. I still can’t believe I had lavender walls!"

    Photographer: Per Kristiansen 
  • Suzanne Dimma's Old Bathroom
    A calming colour palette gives this space a spa-like vibe.

    "I combined a tiny bedroom with the house's original bathroom to create a fairly spacious washroom," explains Suzanne. Timeless classics like a clawfoot bathtub, found in the basement of the house, and beadboard walls pair with two-tone Shaker-style storage cabinets and wooden roman blinds to create a space perfect for relaxing. "The vine pattern on the walls was hand-painted by an artist, modeled after a space I saw in Elle Decor years before."

    Photographer: Per Kristiansen
  • Suzanne Dimma's Old Home Office
    Striking curtains add impact to this small room.

    Wall-to-wall seagrass carpeting and soft, seafoam-green walls are punched up with hits of orange. "I always love painting a room this seafoam colour," Suzanne says. "I used it in the guest washroom in my current house, too — It's so soothing and fresh." The contrasting orange silk curtains pop against the wall colour, while the gold-framed mirror leaning against the wall helps visually expand the space.

    Photographer: Per Kristiansen