Photo Gallery: Fantasy Outdoor Showers

How things have changed since the days when an outdoor shower meant a hose and a tree. We got a taste of how much these fixtures have evolved when we saw Olympic medalist Eric Lamaze's exotic Bali-inspired shower in his Palm Beach home in the May 2014 issue. This gallery showcases some other gorgeous outdoor showers that take a sculptural approach to a sybaritic ritual.

  • Loop Shower

    A space-age design delivers an enveloping experience.

    The Loop shower by Diego Granese of Granese Architecture and Design Studio encompasses six horizontal streams and an overhead rain shower. Fans of Italian design will appreciate the high-style functionality and imaginative look of this statement shower.

    Source: Granese Architecture and Design
  • Tradewinds Outdoor Shower

    A mini waterfall effect of cascading water.

    Simplistic in its design, this outdoor shower simulates a waterfall effect with a narrow sheet of spray. The naturalistic, clean design would suit a cottage dock or city patio near the pool.

    Source: Tradewinds
  • Waterfall Shower By Jane Hamley Wells

    A crisscrossing spray adds visual intrigue.

    The teak wood of this Kenkoon Studio for Jane Hamley Wells' shower lends it a tropical flavour, but the angled sprays, stainless-steel casing and cross faucet have a clean, contemporary vibe.

  • Garvida Screened Outdoor Shower

    A sail-inspired privacy screen by Dutch designers at Garvida.

    This shower by Dutch design team Garvida has a woven screen and light wood floor reminiscent of a sailboat. The built-in screen offers some privacy: place this shower poolside for a whimsical nautical reference.

    Source: Garvida
  • Jaclo's Aqua Adagio

    A minimal, modern design. 

    It's no surprise that Jaclo's stylish, post-like Adagio shower graces the MGM SkyLofts in Las Vegas (Aqua Adagio is Italian for "slow water," but this bodyspray design with waterfall function looks efficient).

    Source: Jaclo
  • Designerzeit Ocean Shower

    A sleek, ergonomic design.

    Designerzeit designs outdoor showers in various shapes and metals to mesh with landscaping. The Ocean models have a sensual bow shape and tactile finish that is available in a sanded or polished surface

    Source: Designerzeit
  • Jaclo Arc Column Shower

    A graceful design in a polished finish. 

    Sun glints off the steel-stainless Arc Column shower by Jaclo. A foot wash function makes it a natural near sandy beaches, but the sleek design wouldn't be out of place on a chic rooftop pool overlooking the city lights.

    Source: Jalco