Photo Gallery: Rock Display Ideas

Plentiful and free, rocks make hardworking decor items that come in a variety of colours to fit in any scheme (think of a pyrite paperweight in a super luxe condo, or a river rock door stop in a cottage bedroom). They act as mementos from vacations past and their soothing, tactile quality telegraphs Zen ease. Inspired by style editor Stacey Smithers' DIY from the June 2014 issue of House & Home, we've gathered some of our favourite ways to make use of stones, rocks and pebbles.

  • Natural Doorstoppers

    Stack rocks as doorstoppers.

    Take full advantage of the lingering days of summer by propping open doors for a breath of fresh air. A small tower of found rocks does the trick and brings a little of the outdoors inside. Dress them up by decorating them with a single stripe of leftover gold paint.

    Source: House & Home September 2011 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
    Designer: Stacey Smithers

  • Rough And Organic Array

    Group everyday elements.

    Use rustic bowls, glass jars and ceramic cups in organic colours to turn collections of river rocks and driftwood picked up along the shoreline into decorative curiosities. Group them together on a slab of marble, wood or slate in containers of different sizes, heights and shapes to create a dynamic display that shows off their outdoorsy beauty.

    Source: House & Home May 2011 issue.
    Photographer: John Cullen
  • Rock Bookend

    Support your personal library.

    Design editor Sally Armstrong placed a large, light grey rock on her shelf to keep her books upright. Adding a stone bookend is not only functional, but adds a soothing, organic touch to an area overwhelmed with colourful covers or bold typography.

    Source: House & Home February 2013 issue.
    Photographer: Virginia MacDonald
  • Heart-Shaped Rocks On Display

    Use stones to tell a story.

    A black Martha Sturdy tray corrals a group of sweetly sentimental heart-shaped rocks found by the designer's grandchildren along the shore of her B.C. home. The open, casual display makes them easy to pick up and handle.

    Source: House & Home July 2012 issue.
    Photographer: Martin Tessler
  • Personalized Fireplace Display

    Place found objects and souvenirs in clear apothecary jars.

    A collection of beach rocks is elevated when placed in clear glass apothecary jars. Add stacks of books and this treatment is an inexpensive way to add colour and dimension to a mantel vignette.

    Source: House & Home July 2010 issue
    Photographer: Janet Kimber
    Designer: Deb Nelson

  • Colourful Stone Display

    Natural objects strengthen a home's connection to the land.

    Take a page from nature's palette: clay reds, pale greens, blacks, whites and speckled pinks mix together in a Martha Sturdy bowl. Sturdy collected these stones on the property of her Preston Island, B.C. cottage, and the hues no doubt serve as reference points for her own nature-inspired designs.

    Source: House & Home July 2012 issue
    Photographer: Martin Tessler
  • Lakeside coffee table vignette

    Create a warm-weather oasis with pebbles and coral.

    Looking to add an instant beachy note to decor? A display of skimming stones in a shallow dish conveys a lakeside vibe. Use other natural accents such as coral and a seagrass rug to complete the cottage vibe.

    Source: House & Home July 2013 issue.
    Photographer: Donna Griffith
  • Rock And Wood Sculpture

    Use the forest to create an art piece.

    Artist Don Standfield filled a raw wood stump with smooth fieldstones to create this intriguing sculpture. Standfield's work evokes Canada's natural landscape, especially Algonquin Park, the Canadian Shield and the boreal forest. 

    Source: House & Home July 2007 issue
    Photographer: Michael Graydon
  • Artfully Placed Rocks

    Less is more in this vignette.

    Play up natural textures that are plucked from the forest. The smoothness of pebbles contrasts a striated birchbark box.

    Source: House & Home December 2007 issue
    Photographer: Michael Graydon
  • Scattered Stones

    Leave them loose.

    Place a handful of decorative rocks on an stump table for nonchalant look. Canadians stamps and birchback set a distinctly Canuck tone.

    Source: House & Home December 2007 issue
    Photographer: Michael Graydon
  • Natural Candle Holders

    Set a carefree, summer mood.

    Anchor a collection of pillar candles with smooth pebbles (here's the bonus, it will protect your mantel from any wax drippings). Randomly arrange candles of different heights to avoid a look that's too formal.

    Source: House & Home June 2004 issue
    Photographer: Nina Teixeira
  • Stone-Filled Vase

    Use rocks in floral arrangements.

    For a low key "floral" arrangement, prop a branch in a vase of stones. In the living room of Tina and David Tymchuk's Ottawa home, the neutral colours complement the clean, airy modernism look of the room.

    Source: House & Home May 2008 issue.
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
    Designer: Tina Tymchuk

  • Pebbles And Shells As Souvenirs

    Take the beach home.

    Haven't had a beach vacay? Bags of pebbles and shells can be easily sourced at craft and dollar stores to mimic tropical keepsakes, just place on weathered tray for a sun-soaked vignette.

    Source: House & Home June 2004 issue
    Photographer: Nina Teixeira
  • Stone Name Plate

    Swap out paper name cards for hand-painted stone.

    Smooth pebbles can be easily customized as placecards or mementos for your next outdoor dinner party. Simply write guests' names in a metallic marker on small rocks.

    Source: House & Home April 2008 issue
    Photographer: Andrew Waller