Photo Gallery: Top 10 Organization Tips

Over the years we've seen some clever ideas — from designers and homeowners alike — for making a space work extra hard. Here is a roundup of the solutions designed to make life easier. Whether you're cooking dinner for a crowd, finishing up some emails, or wrapping a special gift, these solutions are good-looking and practical.

  • Install Different Storage Options

    A variety of solutions eases bottlenecks in an entryway.

    No closet? A shallow floating shelf that's just large enough to hold keys, mail and sunglasses maxes out space behind a door. Woven baskets with lids hung on the wall conceal piles of hats and scarves. A simple rack holds jackets while umbrellas are piled in a large basket.

    Source: House & Home April 2013 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
  • Make Use Of Built-Ins

    A low bank of cupboards doubles as a bench.

    Built-ins in a hallway maximize storage space and are a great way to keep a family organized. Montreal design firm Blazys Gerard kept the built-in cupboards low to the ground so they don't overpower the small space, and they can double as bench seating or display space.


    Source: Maison & Demeure February 2013 issue
    Photographer: Jean Longpré
    Designer: Architecture and design, Blazys Gerard

  • Use Pull-Out Drawers

    Ease access and up the visibility of items.

    Avoid losing ingredients at the back of your pantry by installing custom pull-out shelves. In Suzanne Dimma's kitchen, these drawers help avoid buying duplicate items and make it easy to access ingredients when cooking.

    Source: House & Home June 2014 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
    Designer: Suzanne Dimma & Arriz Hassam

  • Customize Storage

    An angled shelf keeps contents ready for action.

    Take a tip from Suzanne Dimma and customize your shelves with angled storage for an optimal, retail-quality display. In her kitchen, custom-fitted drawer interiors keep spices from sliding around, and they can be scanned and accessed easily.

    Source: House & Home June 2014 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
    Designer: Suzanne Dimma & Arriz Hassam

  • Opt For Wall-Length Shelves And Desks

    Make the most of small office spaces.

    Food stylist Claire Stubbs mirrored the floating shelves and extended her desk surface so it too spanned the width of her office wall. Since the streamlined desk doesn't have legs, there's plenty of room for storage underneath.

    Stylist: Claire Stubbs
  • Try A Flip-Top Desk

    A clever way to double a work surface.

    When space is tight, it's not always possible to create an inspiration board, but designer Caroline McKeough thought of a smart solution. When open, the flip-top desk acts as a memo board in her small New York home office. Fold the top down and it hides away the desk's contents for a clean, clutter-free look. 

    Source: House & Home September 2013 issue
    Photographer: Eric Striffler
    Designer: McKeough unLTD.

  • Create A Wrapping Station

    Pantry cabinets and drawers conceal a well-stocked wrapping station.

    Rolls of wrap can be unwieldy in a drawer, but cabinets keep things under control with rods. Apothecary-style drawers contain tape and scissors while a pull-out cabinet stores extra supplies. When designing storage spaces for crafts, be sure to include independent drawers and compartments that can consolidate small items.

    Source: California Closets
  • Make A Kids' Craft Station

    A smart all-in-one solution.

    Designer Grace Castaneda created this craft station for her daughter using Ikea components such as a paper holder and cubbies. It keeps her child's craft supplies organized and at her fingertips so she can work on projects happily for hours. Hang the storage cubbies low, so kids can reach their supplies and put them away when finished with their project.

    Source: House & Home November 2013 issue
    Photographer: Donna Griffith
    Designer: Grace Castaneda Interiors

  • Think Vertical

    A custom option for a large shoe collection.

    Designer Jeffrey Douglas thought of a smart way to corral his large shoe collection in his Victorian home, which has few closets. Custom built-in shelves occupy a narrow space and maximize it with several shallow shelves. A pull-out drawer allows for easy access and visibility, and tuck away seamlessly into the walnut wall panelling when not in use.

    Source: House & Home January 2013 issue
    Photographer: Michael Graydon
    Designer: Jeffrey Douglas

  • Use Dividers

    Conquer crowded drawers with streamlined plexi organizers.

    Clear plastic dividers keep drawers organized and make the most of the space inside the vanity. Separate containers for cotton balls, cosmetics and cleansers also mean things are found quickly, so time isn’t lost searching through messy drawers. “It’s so easy to get ready in the morning, because everything is right there,” says homeowner Rachel Meikle. “Before, I was digging through a makeup bag under the counter.”

    Source: House & Home June 2012 issue
    Photographer: Michael Graydon
    Designer: Sarah Hartill

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    Source: House & Home July 2012 issue
    Photographer: Michael Graydon
    Designer: Stacy Begg and Lauren Petroff