Photo Gallery: Designers Debate The Perfect Bedside Table

It's a common problem, so we asked some of the best designers in the biz to weigh in on whether bedside tables should match. And since we had their ear, we thought we would get them to tell us the optimal height, and which ones they would like to wake up to. Here's what they had to say!

  • Pinstripe Three-Drawer Nightstand

    Use a nightstand and vanity in small rooms.

    In small rooms, designer Brian Gluckstein of Gluckstein Design uses a desk or vanity on one side of the bed and a coordinating nightstand on the other. "Mismatched bedside tables can make sense in smaller spaces when multipurpose pieces are in order." The Pinstripe Three-Drawer Nightstand by GlucksteinHome features high-sheen dark mahogany finished veneers, English dovetailing and deco-inspired chrome circle hardware.

    Recommended table height: 29".

    Designer: Brian Gluckstein, Gluckstein Design

  • Regency Chest and Lamp Tables

    Pair a chest with two tables of the same style.

    Designer Scott Yetman of Scott Yetman Interior Design unifies a bedroom with complementary furniture, such as these two bedside tables and chest of the same Regency style by Alfonso Marina.

    Recommended table height: 30"-32".

    Designer: Scott Yetman, Scott Yetman Interior Design

  • Mismatched Bedside Tables

    Mix tables of similar style and colour.

    Designer Sophie Burke of Sophie Burke Design doesn't mind mixing bedside tables, as long as they are similar in style and colour. Tables should be the same height and line up with the top of the mattress, such as this walnut nightstand and Tulip side table.

    Recommended table height: Line up the table with the top of the mattress, or close to it.

    Designer: Sophie Burke, Sophie Burke Design

  • Tansu Three-Drawer Side Table

    Choose bedside tables with the same finish.

    Designer Montana Burnett pairs mismatched bedside tables with the same finish."Stay away from painting them the same bright colour as this runs the risk of looking too cottage kitschy. Either way, my rule of thumb is that it provide some sort of closed storage. My pet peeve is clutter, especially in the bedroom. Drawers! Drawers! Drawers!" 

    The Tansu Three-Drawer Side Table from Bungalow 5 provides lots of storage. "If the project is more artisanal and unconventional then it is possible to 'perfectly mismatch' tables. This is a statement and can be lots of fun if done properly. For example, I would pair a very modern built-in white Parsons-style shelf or an open cube mounted on the wall with an antique table on the other side of the bed."

    Recommended table height: "No shorter than the mattress, if not a little higher. 30-32" high depending on your bed frame and mattress heights."

    Designer: Montana Burnett, Montana Burnett Design

  • Antique Bedside Tables

    Choose two vintage tables for a unique look.

    Instead of matching nightstands, designer Michelle Smith of Studio MRS mixes vintage or antique tables to add interest, but still achieves balance by choosing tables of similar width and height. "I prefer vintage or antique bedside tables, which means matching usually is not an option, it's a combo of flea markets, antique stores, and 1stdibs. If I can't find something just the right size, I'll either customize the ideal antique version in just the right size or do a round skirted table with a thick glass top. Often, I'll use a round table on one side with a square table on the other. They don't have to match, but they should be balanced in width and height. If one table is higher than the other, then the lamps should also be different heights so that the tops of the lampshades are at the same height. I'm religious about symmetry and balance, but I don't like being obvious about it."

    Recommended table height: Within 2" of the mattress, higher or lower. 

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    Designer: Michelle Smith, Studio MRS