Photo Gallery: Kitchen Storage Ideas

Whether you're planning a full-scale remodel or just want to streamline your space, get fresh inspiration from our gallery of beautifully organized kitchens. See clever storage solutions for pantry items, cookware and cutlery, and stunning ways to showcase a wine collection or everyday dishes.

  • Plastic Bin Storage

    Upgrade trash and recycling bins with baskets.

    Woven market baskets are a great way to hide unsightly plastic bins, and leather handles make taking out the trash and recycling that much easier.

    Source: House & Home March 2014 issue
    Photographer: Alex Lukey
    Designer: Reiko Caron

  • Suzanne Dimma's Kitchen Pantry

    A generous pantry keeps everything within reach.

    In H&H editor-in-chief Suzanne Dimma's home, a floor-to-ceiling pantry houses everything from stemware to spices. A custom wine rack designed by her husband, Arriz Hassam, is perfectly proportioned to prevent bottles from rolling.

    Source: House & Home June 2014 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
    Designer: Suzanne Dimma, Arriz + Co. 

  • Window Seat Storage

    Drawers turn seating into storage space.

    In this fresh white kitchen, a window seat does double duty. Deep lower drawers are an ideal place to stash less frequently used or heavier items.

    Source: House & Home October 2013 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
  • Functional Wooden Island

    An island and shelving unit in one.

    This hardwearing butcherblock island boasts plenty of open storage space, perfect for keeping everyday items out of the way but within arm's reach.

    Source: House & Home October 2012 issue
    Photographer: Ashley Capp
  • Open Kitchen Storage

    Warm wooden shelving puts dishes on display.

    Walnut shelves house some of John and Patsy Bell's everyday dishes and serving bowls, while white cabinets conceal a pantry and refridgerator for a clean, contemporary look.

    Source: House & Home May 2013 issue
    Photographer: Kim Jeffery
  • Pot Storage

    Drawer organizers keep pots and lids in order.

    Utilitarian drawer organizers ensure that different sizes of pots, pans, and lids are always at the ready. Pegs even keep lids upright for easy access. Install organizers in a deep bottom drawer or lower kitchen cabinet if you're storing heavier cookware.

    Source: House & Home October 2012 issue
    Photographer: Ashley Capp
  • Kitchen Storage Feature Wall

    Kelly green livens up this gritty urban space.

    This open, industrial loft has kitchen cabinets that do double-duty. Bright green livens up the gritty space and takes the place of a wall of art while providing storage. Simple hardware and a bare light fixture keep the look modern, while a metallic floral wallpapered panel on the ceiling softens it for balance. Polished concrete flooring and mismatched wood chairs add an earthy, organic element.

    Source: House & Home October 2007 issue
    Photographer: Robert Lemermeyer
    Designer: Bricault Design

  • Grey Kitchen

    Combine open and closed storage for options to display.

    In this kitchen, birch cabinets get a modern finish with grey stain. Honed limestone floors and Carrara marble backsplash and counters add luxury and shine, while homeowner Betsy Aziz's collection of Egyptian pottery layers in an artisanal organic feel. For options to display or conceal, consider adding both open and closed storage.

    Source: House & Home January 2012 issue
    Photographer: Virginia Macdonald
    Designer: Connie Braemer Design; architecture, Richard Wengle Architect; construction, G.E.S. Construction.

  • Gorgeous Built-In Fridge

    Use bold black cabinets for a strong statement.

    For a seamless, custom look, the cabinets were built out a few inches to sit flush with the fridge. Many of the pantry cupboards pull out like drawers for easy access.

    Source: House & Home February 2012 issue
    Photographer: Michael Graydon
    Designer: Stacy Begg

  • Modern Kitchen Cabinet Wall

    A wall of kitchen cabinets conceals clutter seamlessly.

    This kitchen clad in teak features a storage wall of incognito cabinets. The blocked glass interior window and the ceiling skylight are an energy efficient way to let light and heat in. Hardware that is simple and barely visible looks clean and creates an effect more like modern panelling than storage cupboards. A poured concrete floor balances the wood of the walls and ceiling while modern furniture like the chairs and dining table complete the look.

    Source: House & Home January 2009 issue
    Photographer: Rob Fiocca
    Designer: Studio Junction

  • Walk-In Wine Cellar

    Create an artful feature out of a passion for wine.

    Designer Scott Yetman and his partner Jean Michel Lavoie are avid wine collectors, so it makes sense that the cellar is proudly displayed in the kitchen of their Quebec home.

    Source: House & Home November 2011 issue
    Photographer: Monic Richard
    Designer: Scott Yetman Design

  • Modern Craftsman's Kitchen

    Keep decorating and details to a minimum for a simple and clean aesthetic.

    The lack of hardware on the upper cabinets lets the eye focus on the beauty of the simple but elegant materials. Match an island to upper cabinets to create flow and consistency.

    Source: House & Home October 2011 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
    Designer: Superkül

  • Lynda Reeves' Kitchen Supply Closet

    Easy-to-find bowls, gadgets and pantry supplies.

    Lynda’s supply closet features another must-have: practical pull-out shelves for easy access to small appliances and baking supplies.

    Source: House & Home October 2007 issue
    Photographer: Michael Alberstat
  • Tidy Open Storage

    Keep the colour palette simple when putting dishes on display.

    The expanse of upper cabinets in this white kitchen was also broken up with open shelving. For a clean look, keep the palette of displayed dishes simple so it doesn't compete with other elements in the kitchen.

    Source: House & Home October 2011 issue
    Photographer: Angus Fergusson
    Designer: Qummunicate

  • Plate Storage

    Think outside the box when it comes to plate storage.

    Adjustable dividers help declutter a deep kitchen drawer while metal dish racks hold stacks in place.

    Photographer: Mark Burstyn
  • Elegant Grey Cabinets

    Consider splurging on built-ins for customized storage.

    Built-in cabinets contain homeowner Cheryl Aldred's everyday dishes in her European-inspired kitchen. Light bounces off the ribbed glass in the uppers, while an antique-style wood ladder adds character.

    Source: House & Home October 2011 issue
    Photographer: Colin Way
    Designer: Nam Dang-Mitchell

  • Custom Open Shelving

    Blend bespoke and ready-made shelving for a custom look.

    In this kitchen, designer Patti Rosati used natural wood shelving with a backsplash of glittering glass mosaics and simple, clean-lined cabinetry for an interesting combination of aesthetics.

    Source: House & Home December 2011 issue
    Photographer: Virginia Macdonald
    Designer: Patti Rosati

  • Country Kitchen Island

    House wine storage in an accessible island.

    Designer Philip Mitchell opted for surface-mounted light fixtures all set on dimmers to cast a soft glow in the space. A multifunctional island houses a second sink, extra storage and wine fridge.

    Source: House & Home October 2011 issue
    Photographer: Janet Kimber
    Designer: Philip Mitchell Design

  • Island Storage

    Make use of an island with practical drawers and cabinets.

    Kitchen cabinets built to the ceiling and integrated island storage maximize space. A small spice drawer and bakeware cupboard next to the stove add character while keeping everything in its place.


    Photographer: Andrew Grinton
  • Lynda Reeves' Cutlery Drawer

    Practical and well-planned drawer storage.

    The extra-wide drawers allow for smart storage solutions, like this hidden layer for knives.

    Source: House & Home October 2007 issue
    Photographer: Michael Alberstat
  • Clean Kitchen Design

    Extend upper cabinets to the ceiling for extra storage space.

    The new Quarella countertop includes an overhang for informal meals. Narrow horizontal Carrara marble tile replaces the plain white backsplash and adds a modern yet classic touch. Fresh green accessories punch up the room’s neutral palette.

    Source: House & Home April 2008 issue
    Photographer: Luis Albuquerque