A smart design for a small apartment.

Sleek & Compact Bathroom - House & Home

A quirky blend of print and shine.

Blue-Patterned Powder Room - House & Home

Knocked down walls result in a spa-like room.

After: Bright & Spacious Bathroom - House & Home

A gorgeous space with plenty of character.

Rustic & Luxurious Bathroom - House & Home

A daring design move in a compact space.

Bold Principal Bathroom - House & Home

A rug adds instant style to a bathroom

Decorated Bathroom - House & Home

Keep a bathroom clean and simple with symmetry.

Simple Symmetrical Bathroom - House & Home

Add a punch of purple to enhance any room.

Greystone Manor - House & Home

The round form softens the bathroom's spare lines.

Bonnie Brooks's Sculptural Tub - House & Home

A lighter-than-air effect in a spa bathroom.

Principal Bathroom With Floating Vanity - House & Home