Traditional antiques balanced with fun patterns.

Antique-Filled Sitting Room - House & Home

Iconic pieces look casual in a simple white space.

Fresh & Laid-Back Lounge - House & Home

Vintage touches stand out in a simple space.

Charming White Living Room - House & Home

A comfortable place to get away from it all.

Relaxed Living Area - House & Home

Unique pieces deliver drama and intrigue.

Glamorous Urban Living Space - House & Home

A colourful, family-friendly space.

Cosy & Eclectic Living Room - House & Home

A cosy and inviting room.

Rustic Country Great Room - House & Home

A cream-coloured palette and gold accents.

Light-Filled Living Room - House & Home

A moody blue space for lounging and reading.

Tennessee Living Room - House & Home

A rich tone-on-tone look.

Deep Blue Living Room - House & Home