Pink accents are fun and feminine, not precious.

Fun, Girly Kid's Room - House & Home

A smart all-in-one solution.

Kids' Craft Station - House & Home

Don't skimp on this staple.

Invest In A Bed - House & Home

Encourage neatness with open shelves.

Provide Easy Storage  - House & Home

Make it easier to concentrate and study.

Create A Dedicated Workspace - House & Home

Editors agree this is a kids' room must-have.

A Map Grows With Kids  - House & Home

Give kids room to move and play.

Clear The Floor - House & Home

Nuture a love of books with a special spot.

Create A Reading Nook - House & Home

Let children express themselves visually.

Offer Display Opportunities - House & Home

Pick a generous-size rug for comfort.

Add Softness - House & Home