A unique built-in design.

Integrated Work Space - House & Home

Wood walls add warmth in a small space.

Intimate Wood Panelled Lounge - House & Home

A basement corner makes a perfect work area.

Tidy Basement Office - House & Home

A streamlined office is ideal for smaller spaces.

Suzanne Dimma's Basement Work Space - House & Home

A clever way to double a work surface.

Home Office with Flip-Top Desk - House & Home

A smart all-in-one solution.

Kids' Craft Station - House & Home

Comfortable seating is ideal for lingering.

Library With Extra-Long Sofa  - House & Home

A boudoir feel in an antique store.

Virginia Bates' Former London Shop - House & Home

Set pieces pack this East London Victorian.

Simon Costin's Home Office - House & Home

An industrial era look for a bespoke shoe atelier.

Shoemaker Sebastian Tarek's Studio - House & Home