A gorgeous respite from the cold.

Secluded Winter Cabin - House & Home

Sandstone pavers keep the yard low maintenance.

Lush Outdoor Lounge - House & Home

A rustic, wooden trellis adds visual interest.

Idyllic Lakeside Yard - House & Home

Climbing hydrangea balances a mostly stone space.

Manicured Hardscaped Backyard - House & Home

Plants define eating and lounging spaces.

Elegant, Multi-Zone Backyard - House & Home

Use layered river rocks for visual interest.

Low-Maintenance Water Feature - House & Home

Movable backrests allow for customization.

Wooden Porch Swing - House & Home

Hang amongst greenery to make the pale wicker pop.

Let little ones get in on outdoor relaxation.

Children's Sized Swing - House & Home

Go for East Coast influence with a woven base.

Round Chaise Lounge - House & Home