Inspire alfresco dining with open-air appliances.

Outdoor Country Kitchen - House & Home

Inspired by trips to Europe and India.

Lush Romantic Courtyard - House & Home

A lack of garden space means less maintenance.

Urban Concrete Backyard - House & Home

Carve out a small outdoor space for relaxation.

Moroccan Courtyard - House & Home

Stables are another way to give back.

Backyard With A Barn - House & Home

A natural habitat for wildlife.

Picturesque Pond - House & Home

Varying levels add interest.

Backyard With Zones - House & Home

Lilies and lavender add pops of colour.

Tranquil Vancouver Property - House & Home

A lush plot with mature trees.

Beautifully Landscaped Yard - House & Home

Thyme adds greenery between stepping stones.

Custom Vancouver Home - House & Home