A garden that gives back.

Sprawling Vegetable Garden - House & Home

A smart design for a rainy coastal climate.

Year-Round Outdoor Dining Area - House & Home

A cosy spot to dine alfresco.

Outdoor Fireplace - House & Home

Yew hedging adds privacy.

Sheltered Patio - House & Home

Sleek furniture offsets classic stonework.

Modern Outdoor Living Area - House & Home

New landscaping adds interest to the backyard.

Elegant Outdoor Stairs - House & Home

Landscaping softens the home's boxy lines.

Lush & Welcoming Entrance - House & Home

A gorgeous respite from the cold.

Secluded Winter Cabin - House & Home

Sandstone pavers keep the yard low maintenance.

Lush Outdoor Lounge - House & Home

A rustic, wooden trellis adds visual interest.

Idyllic Lakeside Yard - House & Home