Add a Brazilian-style hammock for a global feel.

Double Hammock In White - House & Home

Create a nest-like escape.

Hanging Lounger - House & Home

Go boho with a hanging chair.

Hanging Rattan Chair - House & Home

Hang between extra lush trees for more shade.

Fringed Hammock - House & Home

Upscale gold accents make a patio feel exclusive.

Use Glam Outdoor Furnishings - House & Home

Bring dining areas alive with a beachy chandelier.

Switch up furnishings for al fresco parties.

Carve Out Multipurpose Areas - House & Home

Even small gardens can look epic.

Define A Focal Feature - House & Home

Group seating strategically.

Position Furniture For The Best Views - House & Home

A seating area is defined by a herringbone "rug."

Add Interest Through Flooring - House & Home