Makeover Magic

Trish and her daughter Morgan

She’s comfortable in soccer cleats and plays a mean air guitar, but my 7-year-old daughter never gets tired of reading Cinderella. When the fairy godmother tranforms the rag-wearing maiden into a tiara-topped princess, Morgan’s eyes widen and her lips curl into a smile as wide as Cinderella’s gown. And I can’t help but sigh right along with her: watching something mediocre turn into something marvellous feels magical.

If you love the drama of a good before-and-after, pull on your glass slippers and head to the newsstand for a copy of Makeovers 2009 (or order a copy online from the comfort of your castle). It’s crammed with Cinderella stories:  Fall SIP Makeover cover 2009

  • 8 bland entryways and living rooms made beautiful
  • Top-to-bottom kitchen renovations with designer and homeowner secrets on saving money and headaches
  • Bedroom retreats dreamed up by Suzanne Dimma and New York export Anne Hepfer, whose home is one of the most popular we’ve ever featured
  • The latest wallpaper, textiles, furniture, lighting and paint for making quick cosmetic updates
  • And practical finds, like a Home Depot stairway-facing kit that will save you a small fortune on refinishing or replacing damaged wood.

And of course, you’ll find stories by your favourite bloggers. Affordable Style guru Michael Penney waved his magic wand at Craigslist and junk store finds and turned them into treasures. Modernists can peek inside Cameron MacNeil‘s colourful downtown semi. And Renovator’s Notebook followers know what Meg Crossley has gone through to transform her basement into what she now calls her country house. The snaps in her last blog post don’t do the space justice: I’m ready to ask if my family can move in. There’s a slipcovered spot by the faux-brick fireplace that looks perfect for reading fairy-tale endings.

Photo credits:
1. Rylie Harris
2. Makeovers cover, Michael Graydon