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Learn how to create a home that's allergy-friendly and stylish with our room-by-room guide — including simple tips and smart decorating choices.

Tour this allergy-friendly home and click each button to reveal helpful advice to minimize dust, pet dander and other common indoor allergy triggers. Plus scroll all the way to the end for a chance to WIN $5,000 towards your own Claritin® Home makeover!

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To help prevent allergens from entering your home with you, store jackets, bags and shoes in an enclosed closet or wardrobe. Prevent dust and pollen from tracking indoors on shoe soles by keeping an outdoor rug on your doorstep. Inside entryways, opt for a washable rug or even bare floors, depending on the season.
Use removable pillow inserts and covers and wash them often. Look for soft yet durable fabrics, like organic cotton or pre-shrunk linen, that can be washed in hot water (which kills dust-mites). Decorate open shelves with a light hand, since clutter can collect dust and be difficult to clean. Items like decorative boxes and sculptural vases, like in this pared-down display, are great options. Avoid wall-to-wall carpeting (especially in the basement) and opt instead for an area rug. Look for hypo-allergenic materials such as silk or bamboo or try a simple, durable flat-weave cotton rug that can be easily washed. Stay away from heavy fabrics like wool, as it traps moisture easily. No matter which material you choose, go for a tightly-woven style, as this helps avoid dust from collecting in its fibres.
Flowers are a great way to freshen up the look of any bathroom, but their pollen can often trigger allergy symptoms. Consider using quality silk flowers—great varieties are now widely available that have a very realistic look. hover for popover hover for popover
Use wallpaper strategically. Sisal grasscloth wallpaper on a feature wall adds texture and interest, and is appropriate where moisture is not an issue. Go natural. Layer your bed in natural fabrics, and wash weekly in hot water. Organic cotton and vintage linens are less likely to be made from irritating chemicals that may irritate skin. Choose smart fabrics and vacuum regularly. Use a vertical steamer on headboards to keep dust mites in check. When selecting a headboard, try to avoid wool and velvet or deep tufting, where dust can hide; this one is covered in natural linen. Seal your mattress, box spring and pillow with impermeable allergen-protective covers to help keep dust particles (and dust mites) out. Keep extra clean linens in closed storage to prevent them from collecting dust.

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