Outdoor Pots, Pizza Making & The New Les Indiennes Outlet

Outdoor Pots

This month I’m on the hunt for great outdoor pots. Walking by the Club Monaco store on Bloor Street in Toronto, I was inspired by the huge assortment of pots they had assembled all planted with green and white, exactly as I hope to do in the country.

All the pots were some shade of grey or black with a few terracotta ones tucked into the mix. So now I’m on the hunt for great pots. After years of trying to lug heavy stone pots even just a few feet I’ve given up on anything that I can’t easily move — at least when they’re empty.

The new man-made faux stone pots are great looking, real terracotta is always a classic choice, and real or faux zinc and tin are a good addition to the mix.

I checked out these pots carefully. The jet black pots are painted terracotta. It was a reminder that I have a collection of painted pots in my courtyard that are in need of help. They suffered over the winter, plus it’s time to add some new, freshly painted ones before I plant them with herbs.

The trick to painting your terracotta pots in matte black is to seal them first with a silicon sealer so the moisture doesn’t cause the paint to peel. Then finish by painting them with enamel paint.

Here are a few pot options with a similar look. 

1) The lightweight galvanized Ikea Husön planter, (13″ h. x 15″, $25), won’t rust.

2) The Home Depot’s classic New England terracotta pot, (20″ h. x 20″ w., $50), can be left au naturel to develop a patina over time, or painted matte black.

3) The environmentally friendly Kobo planter by Hauser, (22″ h. x 19.5″ d., $98), won’t fade. 

4)The square Harmony planter (24″ h.) in black resin from Canadian Tire is a bargain at $30.

Here is Renée Mitchell of Reneevations who started assembling the pots — a mix of vintage and new — in our country home in the Hudson Valley. It’s a beginning!

Pizza Making

Over Easter at our country place we tried out the new Crate & Barrel Pronto pizza oven. It’s amazing! It works off a propane tank, and it heats up quickly to over 800°F!

It comes with its own pizza stone, all you need to buy is a wooden pizza paddle, corn meal, and the ingredients to make your own dough and toppings.

You’ll find the recipe for GREAT pizza dough here on our website. You’ll see it calls for 00 flour. I’ve had quite a few people ask where to buy it and what it looks like.


Here are three brands carried by Fiesta Farms in Toronto: Caputo, Riscossa and Molisana. Look for them wherever Italian imported foods are sold. It really makes all the difference — you can produce thin, crispy, pizza if you use this flour.

New Les Indiennes Outlet 

Now for a really great new shopping source!! The first and only Les Indiennes outlet store has opened in Hudson, New York. It’s amazing: it’s big and full of their best selling linens, fabrics and accessories. You’ll recognize many classic patterns. The prices are so good, you’ll be thrilled. Worth the visit!!

Browse a gallery of more pots, urns, boxes and planters for spring here

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