Pretty Planter Pots

Outdoor planters can really add impact to your landscaping or exterior.

Now I know not everyone has the space or budget for this many, but I love the repetition and graphic layout here. Keep in mind, if you’re going to try something like this, best to keep the plants simple, otherwise things might get a tad busy…

Here’s a roundup of some planters that have recently caught my eye:

The Pastoral 18″ Planter from Crate & Barrel has a lovely, rustic feel to it. Finished with a green glaze, this clay planter would add nice colour to a deck or balcony.

Made out of textured resin, these Orinoco Bowls from Andrew Richard Designs have a Japanese feel to them. With their simple, clean lines, I think they’d look great filled with hot pink flowering plants. These come in different sizes — the largest is 40″ by 15″ (huge).

I think this Planterworx planter from Design Within Reach is cool — anything that gets better with age appeals to me! Made from steel, it patinas fairly quickly (about 3 to 9 months), developing its lovely rust finish.

This is the Re-Trouvé “vase”, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Emu. The scroll-shaped metal pedestal base gives it a delicate yet quirky outline. It’s an updated version of the vintage metal garden furniture we’ve seen so much of. I love an all-white planter (the container is made from enameled terracotta), and this one would certainly add character to your front door!

The Freeport Patio Planter from The Home Depot comes in a sleek white version, too. It has a double wall design and a sub-irrigation watering system. This means the plants are able to soak up water from the bottom of the planter as needed — a process that’s easier on plants than being watered from above. A perfect planter for those (like me) who often over-water their plants!

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