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In This Segment

We found the edgy, industrial-style loft where visiting celebrities and actors stay when they want to feel at home in Montreal. Suzanne Dimma tells us what makes Creative Flat's 1,380 sq.-ft. space, designed by Natalie Bouchard and Annie Horth, so cool.

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Rental loft, Creative Flats; marble counter, bathroom sink, kitchen granite countertop, dining table tops, marble tops on teak cabinets, large table in living room, Francesco Carbonaro Consulting, (515) 240-2027; antique and new rugs, Tapis Bashir; lamp on wall, black crown, box with herbs, industrial stools, Style Labo; black leather vintage sofa, teak buffet, Boutique Jack's; two-tone B&B Italia sofa Avant-scène mobilier contemporain; fashion photos on walls, Malina Corpadean photographer/creative director Annie Horth.


Executive Producer

Lynda Reeves

Director Online TV Production

Sheri Graham Delagran

Director of Photography

Jason Stickley

Senior Producer

Ryan Louis


Patrick Malone

Erin Gulas

Digital Director

Michael Zimmermann

Online Designer

Julie Whyte

Thanks to

Nathalie Bouchard & Annie Horth

Copyright 2014

Runtime: 4:12
Released: June 23, 2014
Featuring: Suzanne Dimma
Channel: Home Tour