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Basement Style
Get basement renovation tips and design ideas as Lynda Reeves tours the impossibly chic basement of H&H senior editor Meg Crossley.
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Top 10 Flower Vases
Find out Lynda’s top picks for arranging cut flowers and decorating the house.
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Napkin Folding Ideas
Set a beautiful table with ideas from entertaining expert Dave Libbey, who shows how to select and fold napkins for special occasions in the home of Lynda…
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In This Segment

Lynda Reeves continues her tour of the Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweepstakes Oakville Showhome. Peek inside the bright kids’ room, romantic guest room, private principal bedroom and spa-inspired bathrooms. Get tips for coordinating fabrics and paints, working with low ceilings and maximizing closet storage. Then, look at photos and videos of the rest of the house!

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Twin Room: Beds, DeBoer’s; Mattresses, chair, mirror, Ikea; Dresser, HomeSense; Art, Tony Koukos; Rug, West Elm; Drape fabric, standard shams and quilt fabric, Designer Fabrics; Drape hardware, desk chair, Restoration Hardware; Bedside table, Elte; Lamp, Pottery Barn; Pendant, Universal Lamp; Duvet cover, Euro shams, red and white pillows, John Robshaw; Floor lamp, Union Lighting; Fabric for red throw pillow, Kravet Linen; Closet doors, The Home Depot; Baskets, Boo Boo & Lefty; Sewing, We Do Draperies; Paint: Baseboard, door, door casing, window casing, Milky Way (P2601-4 in Pearl); walls, Big Girls Don’t Cry (P5031-24 in Eggshell, low sheen); crown, Big Girls Don’t Cry (P5031-24 in Pearl); ceiling, Milky Way (P2601-4 in Eggshell, low sheen); closets, Milky Way (P2601-4 in Pearl), Para Paints. Guest Room: Oly bed and chair, dresser, through Cocoon; Mattress, Ikea; Mirror, cushion on chair, Elte; Swing-arm lamps, Universal Lamp; Area rug, accessories, baskets above closet, West Elm; Bedside tables, Pottery Barn; Fabric for drapes, duvet cover, standard shams, Bruton Damask by Jane Churchill through Primavera; Fabric for Euro shams, grey linen, Designer Fabrics; Sheets, pillowcases, quilt, drapery hardware, Restoration Hardware; Wall closet doors, The Home Depot; Lamps, HomeSense; Art, L’Atelier; Paint: Baseboard, door, door casing, window casing, Milky Way (P2601-4 in Pearl); walls, Cast Off (P5119-34 in Ultimatte); crown, Cast Off (P5119-34 in Pearl); ceiling, half tint of Cast Off (P5119-34); closet, Milky Way (P2601-4 in Pearl), Para Paints. Shared Bathroom: Floor tile, marble baseboards, tub deck and marble vanity top, Moscone Tile; Shower wall tile, Ciot; Tub and tub fittings, tray, Ginger’s; Faucets, mirror, wall sconce, sinks, cabinet, toilet tissue holder, vanity base, cabinet, bath accessories, Restoration Hardware; Fabric for shower curtain, Blue Linen through Kravet; Nickel shower curtain bar, Taps; Toilet, Kohler; Art, Elte; Towels, House & Home; Paint: Baseboard, door, door casing, window casing, Milky Way (P2601-4 in Pearl); walls, Milky Way (Eggshell, low sheen), Para Paints. Upper Hallway: Mirrored armoire, Oly; Fig Tree, Sheridan Nurseries; Stacked washer/dryer, Miele; Wall sconces, bench, art, Elte; Woven planter, Boo Boo & Lefty; Mirror, Restoration Hardware; Wicker chairs, Pottery Barn. Staircase (Gallery Wall): Art, Tony Kuokos; Frames, Pottery Barn. Principal Bedroom: Colette bed, Crate & Barrel; Duvet cover, Lucca; Fabric for Euro shams, throw cushions, Kravet; Standard pillow shams, drapery fabric, Nina Campbell through Primavera; Sheet set, HomeSense; Green throw pillows, love seat, round table, Elte; Rug, Y&Co; Picture frames, West Elm; Side tables, mirror, Restoration Hardware; Lamps, Boo Boo & Lefty; Floor lamp, DeBoer’s; Mattress, Ikea; Basket, Sharon O’Dowd; Paint: Baseboards, window casing, door, door casing, Milky Way (P2601-4 in Pearl); walls, Parchment (P2603-4); crown, Parchment (P2603-4 in Pearl); ceiling, half tint of Parchment (P2603-4), Para Paints. Dressing Room: Closets, California Closets Oakville; Desk, Ikea; Chair, Restoration Hardware; Closet hardware, Summerhill Hardware; Bench, The Big Stuff; Art, Art, Tony Koukos; Fabric, Nina Campbell through Primavera; Shutters, Canadian Superbilt Shutters; Paint: Baseboard, window casing, door, door casing, Milky Way (P2601-4 in Pearl); walls, Parchment (P2603-4); crown, Parchment (P2604-3 in Pearl); ceiling, half tint of Parchment (P2603-4), Para Paints. Principal Ensuite: Vanity and mirror frame, Andy Johnston Woodworking; Mirror and mirror TV, Radiant Audio Design; Countertops, floor tiles, Moscone Tile; Sinks, toilet, Kohler; Pendant, Elte; Vanity hardware, bath accessories, Restoration Hardware; Faucets, shower fixtures, tub, Ginger’s; Shower tiles, Saltillo Imports; Fabric for drapes, Kravet; Drapery rod, sewing, We Do Draperies.



Lynda Reeves


Sheri Graham Delagran


Jason Stickley


Ryan Louis


Reiko Caron


Andrew Noddin


Scott Polley


Jessica Piekarski

Runtime: 6:09
Released: October 04, 2010
Featuring: Lynda Reeves
Channel: Home Tour