Blue & White Family Home

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Runtime: 6:36
Release Date: June 30, 2014
Featuring: Robyn Young

Designer Robyn Young shows how the classic and the cutting-edge happily mingle in a bright Toronto new-build.

Keeping family friendliness in mind when designing this home, Robyn sticks to a blue and white palette throughout the house. The neutral-toned principal pieces in each room are balanced by quirky and bold designs in the fabrics and in the artwork. Older pieces, like the wooden chairs in the dining room, give character to the space and give a personal connection between the homeowners and their new house. 

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  • Credits

    Lynda Reeves

    Sheri Graham Delagran

    Jason Stickley

    Ryan Louis

    Reiko Caron

    Andrew Noddin

    Michael Kadis

    Jessica Piekarski

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