Budget Bathroom Reno

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Runtime: 4:08
Release Date: February 18, 2013
Featuring: Suzanne Dimma

Suzanne Dimma reveals the completed bathroom renovation of H&H art director Mandy Milks. See how Mandy — with some help from Stacey Smithers — converted one large bathroom into two functional spaces: a main bathroom with an antique clawfoot tub and a smaller ensuite with a luxurious shower. Learn how she combined warm metal faucets, high-end tiles and vintage accessories, all while sticking to a strict budget.

See more of this bathroom in our March 2013 issue, plus take a video tour of Mandy’s new kitchen.

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  • Credits

    Lynda Reeves

    Sheri Graham Delagran

    Jason Stickley

    Ryan Louis

    Reiko Caron

    Andrew Noddin

    Michael Kadis

    Jessica Piekarski

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