Elegant Urban Condo

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Runtime: 5:11
Release Date: January 23, 2012
Featuring: Renee Metrick
Channel: Home Tour

Suzanne Dimma shows off the home of Elte owners Renee and Ken Metrick. Designed by Brian Gluckstein, the 5,500-square-foot condo boasts modern floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Toronto’s cityscape, balanced by traditional elements like tall baseboards, recessed panelling and symmetrical walnut doors. Tour through the grand entryway, bar area, living room, dining room, and large kitchen with cosy adjacent TV room.

  • Sources

    Interior design, Brian Gluckstein, principal, Stephen Wagg, design director, Gluckstein Design Planning, Toronto (416) 928-2067 or visit Glucksteindesign.com.

    Living room: Wall colour, Maritime White (OC-5) from the Off White collection, Benjamin Moore, call 1-800-361-5898 or visit Benjaminmoore.ca for retailers across Canada; Ralph Lauren collection Moderne armchairs in walnut, Council collection aubergine coffee table, sofas and ottoman, antique Saraband rug circa 1930, Elte, Toronto (416) 785-7885, 1-888-276-3583 or visit Elte.com.

    Bar: Moscou Metro (2001) by Nicolas Ruel (photography on stainless steel), Thompson Landry Gallery, Toronto (416) 364-4955 or visit Thompsonlandry.com; leather bar stools with Java finish, bar, Elte, as above.

    Entryway: Untitled (1981) from the Red series by Barbara Astman (colour print), Corkin Shopland Gallery, Toronto (416) 979-1980 or e-mail info@corkinshopland.com; Bolier collection walnut console, telescope floor lamps with oval linen shades, Elte, as above.

    Dining room: Theodore Alexander collection rosewood dining table with nickel banding and rosewood chairs, chandelier, Elte, as above.

    Kitchen: Brown leather and polished chrome stools, Country Industrial pendant ceiling lamps with bronze finish, Elte, as above; library pulls, Summerhill Hardware, Toronto (416) 785-1225; cabinetry, Elite Custom Cabinets, Concord, Ont. (905) 660-6670 or visit Elitecabinets.com.

    Seating area off kitchen: Metro sofa in chocolate brown mohair, Ralph Lauren collection Bohemian armchairs with polished chrome arms, Ralph Lauren collection coffee table in oak, Flow rug in silk finish, Elte, as above.

    Outdoor seating area: Landscaping, Ronald Holbrook, Holbrook + Associates Landscape Architects, Toronto (416) 924-8165 or e-mail holbrook@bellnet.ca; woven outdoor furniture, Elte, as above.

  • Credits

    Lynda Reeves

    Sheri Graham Delagran

    Jason Stickley

    Ryan Louis

    Reiko Caron

    Andrew Noddin

    Scott Polley

    Jessica Piekarski

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