Industrial Montreal Loft

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Runtime: 4:41
Release Date: May 6, 2013
Featuring: Joel Bray

Learn tricks for styling a raw loft with personal touches and statement art. Joel Bray reveals his favourite parts of a historical 1,300-square-foot loft designed by Nathalie Bouchard and Annie Horth of Creative Flats. Tour the galley kitchen with open shelving, spacious living room with a mix of industrial, vintage and modern furniture, and bedrooms with white-painted brick walls and statement lighting.

See more of this loft in our January 2011 issue.

  • Sources

    Interior design and styling, Creative Flats, Montreal (514) 282-7578 or visit Page 46: Dining room: Table, chairs, Cité Déco, Montreal (514) 528-0659 or visit; Jonathan Adler decorative pear, Ludovik, Montreal (514) 678-6617 or visit; lamp, Avant- Scène, Montreal (514) 281-6782 or visit avant-; sideboards, Domison, Montreal
    (514) 563-1268 or visit Page 47: Living room: Rug, Prestige Persian Rugs, Montreal (514) 690-6152 or visit Desk: Desk, Cité Déco, as above. Page 48: TV wall: Console, Creative Flats, as above; lacquered shelves, Eurosystems, Montreal (514) 543-8213 or visit Kitchen shelves: Countertop, Francesco Carbonaro, as above; paella dish, wood accessories, Les Touilleurs, Montreal (514) 278-0008 or visit; shot glasses (on counter), Beige, Montreal (514) 989-8585, Ottawa (613) 761-7373 or visit Kitchen: Countertop, Francesco Carbonaro, Montreal (514) 240-2027 or email; shelving, Creative Flats, as above. Page 50: Bathroom: Vanity design, Creative Flats, as above; sink, faucet, Agences Stéphane Nault, Montreal (514) 524-4040 or visit; mirror, Beige, as above. Bedroom: Bed, Couleurs, Montreal (514) 282-4141 or visit Teak shelf: Herman Miller chair, bookshelf, Boutique Jack's, Montreal (514) 596-0060 or visit

    Living Room:

    cushions on the sofa: Celadon, 186 Peel, Mtl, H3C 2G7, 514-932-3306

    Rugs: TAPIS D'ORIENT BASHIR, 514-735-1958// 514-244-1058

    Painting "Le Colonel" : Style Labo, 5765 Bvld St-laurent, Mtl, H2t 1S9, 514 ,

    Wood ladder: Style Labo, 5765 Bvld St-laurent, Mtl, H2t 1S9, 514 658-9810,

    Leather black chairs: Vintage style from the 70s, Boutique Jack's, 1883 Rue Amherst, Mtl, h2l 3L7, 514 596-0060,

    by the office desk on the right there is a huge frame silk scarf from Alexander Mcqueen representing the Queen of England


    Marble counter/ Bath/ Bathroom sink ; Mr.Francesco Carbonero counselting 514-240-2027


    blanket wool taupe: Style Labo, 5765 Bvld St-laurent, Mtl, H2t 1S9, 514 ,

  • Credits

    Lynda Reeves

    Sheri Graham Delagran

    Jason Stickley

    Ryan Louis

    Reiko Caron

    Andrew Noddin

    Michael Kadis

    Jessica Piekarski

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