Luxe Modern Rowhouse

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Runtime: 2:58
Release Date: August 18, 2014
Featuring: Suzanne Dimma

Small space? No problem! See how homeowners Kevin Hill and David Lineros filled their 900-square-foot home with mid-century luxe style. Our editor Suzanne Dimma highlights key elements in their open-concept kitchen, dining and living area. Plus, tour their covered patio, second floor bedrooms and bath.

  • Sources

    Find photos and learn more about this home in our September 2014 issue.

    Living room: Rug, The Rug Company at Avenue Road, (416) 548-7788 or; coffee table, Avenue Road, (416) 548-7788 or; table lamp, Mi Casa, (416) 929-1913 or; sofa, Kiosk, (416) 539-9665 or; pouf, CB2,; console design, Mazen El-Abdallah, Mazen Studio, (416) 676-6820 or; console fabrication, David MacHenry Design,

    Dining room: Table, Jacques Guillon Cord chairs, Avenue Road,; stools, Casalife, (416) 922-2785 or; chandelier, Lambert & Fils, (514) 394-0762 or

    Console beneath stairs: Console, Avenue Road,; table lamp by Castor, Klaus, (416) 362-3434 or

    Kitchen: Cabinets, Ikea, 1-866-866-IKEA or; fridge, Tasco Distributors,

    Backyard: Bench, Avenue Road,; chairs and coffee table by Richard Schultz, Knoll,

    Bathroom: Vanity, Antonio Lupi,

    Guest bedroom: Desk, Avenue Road,; side table design, Mazen El-Abdallah, Mazen Studio, (416) 676-6820 or; side table fabrication, David MacHenry Design,; Manila Hemp grasscloth by Phillip Jeffries, Threadcount, (416) 916-9012 or; linens, Au Lit Fine Linens, (416) 489-7010 or

    Principal bedroom: Side tables, Hollace Cluny, (416) 968-7894 or; lamps, Avenue Road,; linens, Elte, (416) 785-7885 or; rug, The Rug Company at Avenue Road, (416) 548-7788 or; Paille Japonaise grasscloth by Élitis, Primavera Interior Furnishings (to the trade), (416) 921-3334 or

  • Credits

    Lynda Reeves

    Sheri Graham Delagran

    Jason Stickley

    Ryan Louis

    Reiko Caron

    Andrew Noddin

    Michael Kadis

    Jessica Piekarski

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