Michael Penney’s Kitchen

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Runtime: 4:06
Release Date: May 2, 2011
Featuring: Michael Penney

Learn how to refresh a small-space kitchen without a big-reno price tag. H&H style editor Michael Penney and his wife, Sara, gave up their downtown Toronto apartment for a house of their own in Oshawa, Ont. They wanted to transform the 90-year-old kitchen, complete with dated appliances and plastic tiles, into a fresh and functional space with French country charm. Instead of ripping out the entire kitchen at great cost, however, they only invested in Carrara marble counters, a white subway tile backsplash, a farmhouse faucet and new stainless steel appliances. Be inspired by the results!

See more photos of this home in our June 2011 issue.

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  • Credits

    Lynda Reeves

    Sheri Graham Delagran

    Jason Stickley

    Ryan Louis

    Reiko Caron

    Andrew Noddin

    Michael Kadis

    Jessica Piekarski

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