Modern Family Home

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Runtime: 5:55
Release Date: May 9, 2011
Featuring: Ashley Botten

How do you mix modern style with warm, kid-friendly spaces and materials? H&H editor Suzanne Dimma finds out as she tours the unique Toronto home of furniture designer Ashley Botten and photographer Christopher Wahl. They converted an old 1930s store turned photography gallery into a urban home full of fun nooks for their two kids to play in and make artwork. See their kitchen with custom hardware and sleek wood accents, a living room personalized with vivid photography, plus simple yet gorgeous bedrooms and bathrooms.

See more photos of this home in our June 2011 issue.

  • Sources

    Kitchen: Cabinet construction, 9 Digits, Bolton, Ont. (905) 951-9599; honed slate countertop, Acme Slate, Toronto (416) 293-3664 or visit; range, Viking, visit; BDDW bar stools, Martha Sturdy bowl (on counter), Hollace Cluny, Toronto (416) 968-7894, 1-888-968-7660 or visit; green stool, Kol Kid, Toronto (416) 681-0368 or visit; e15 bench, Ingo Maurer light fixture, Moooi mirror, Klaus by Nienkämper, Toronto (416) 362-3434 or visit; pillow (on bench), Erica Tanov, visit; small white wall unit in kitchen, construction, 9 Digits, Bolton, Ont. (905) 951-9599; bins, Lovell Designs, visit; Kiska Textiles Suzani Vines drapery in Baton Rouge, Primavera Interior Furnishings (to the trade), Toronto (416) 921-3334 or visit for showrooms across Canada; heart chair, Plan b, Toronto (416) 941-1010 or visit Dining area/family room: Thonet chairs, e15 table, Klaus by Nienkämper, as above; Muuto Raw side table, Hollace Cluny, as above; photography, Christopher Wahl, visit; TV, Sony, visit for retailers across Canada; sofas, custom by Ashley Botten Design, Toronto (416) 898-7399 or visit Office: Moooi chandelier, Klaus by Nienkämper, as above; drapes, Wesley Seto Design, Toronto (416) 538-3223. Principal bedroom: e15 bed, Klaus by Nienkämper, as above; bedding, Olatz, visit; Martha Sturdy resin table in Neon Purple, Jielde floor lamp, Hollace Cluny, as above. Charlie's room: Maarten Baas Smoke chandelier, Klaus by Nienkämper, as above; bed construction, 9 Digits, Bolton, Ont. (905) 951-9599; Les Indiennes bedding, Lucca Fine Linens, Toronto (416) 485-4999. Kids' bathroom: Wallpaper, Jocelyn Warner, visit; Kartell Contonibili round table, Quasi Modo Modern Furniture, Toronto (416) 703-8300 or visit; Starck by Duravit tub, sink, faucet, Taps Bath Centre, Toronto (416) 785-0224, 1-800-263-2976 or visit; back-painted glass, Adanac Glass, Toronto (416) 785-6309, 1-800-458-4462 or visit; DwellStudio towel, Spotted Zebra, Toronto (416) 944-0251 or visit; Artek stool, Ella+elliot, Toronto (416) 850-7890 or visit

  • Credits

    Lynda Reeves

    Sheri Graham Delagran

    Jason Stickley

    Ryan Louis

    Reiko Caron

    Andrew Noddin

    Michael Kadis

    Jessica Piekarski

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