Nancy Riesco’s Vancouver Home

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Runtime: 6:05
Release Date: May 20, 2013
Featuring: Nancy Riesco

Tour the modern family home designer Nancy Riesco shares with her husband and two kids. Learn why they downsized from a large Tudor in an established neighbourhood to a narrow 2,300-square-foot home with views of the ocean. See the open-concept main floor with flowing sightlines and salon-style art wall, serene principal bedroom and colourful rooms for both her teenagers.

See more of this home in our June 2013 issue.

  • Sources

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    Kitchen: Morph stools by Formstelle, Avenue Road, (416) 548-7788 or; Jielde pendant lights, Bombast Interiors, (604) 678-9123 or

    Charlie's room: Duet bunk bed by Nurseryworks, AllModern, 1-800-615-9703 or; Ralph Lauren bedding, Hudson's Bay,; Wing desk by Sara Szyber, Design House Stockholm,; Panton chair, Vitra,

    Gemma's room: Ghost chair by Kartell, Inform Interiors, as above; coffee table, CB2,; bed, West Elm,; light, Layla Grayce,

    Powder room: Summer Palace wallpaper by Osborne & Little, Primavera Interior Furnishings (to the trade), (416) 921-3334 or; stool, Riesco & Lapres Interior Design, as above.

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  • Credits

    Lynda Reeves

    Sheri Graham Delagran

    Jason Stickley

    Ryan Louis

    Reiko Caron

    Andrew Noddin

    Michael Kadis

    Jessica Piekarski

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