2012 Spring One Of A Kind Show

Anyone looking for great inexpensive art, charming screen-printed textiles, pretty pottery and cosy hand-loomed blankets looks forward to the One of a Kind Show that happens twice a year in Toronto. H&H editors are no exception, so it was with some excitement that senior editor Meg Crossley, senior style editor Morgan Michener and I grabbed breakfast at the show’s press preview on Thursday morning before walking the aisles of vendors to look for stylish surprises. Here’s what caught our eye.

The show runs tonight until 11pm, Friday and Saturday from 10-9pm, and Sunday from 10-6pm, so be sure to check it out at the Direct Energy Centre if you’re in the area.

1. Woodcuts by Graham Blair

Meg: I always like a woodblock print.

Me: The bunny and the fox are cute.

Morgan: The fox is the cutest.

2. Jar candle holders from The Pietersma Tinworks

Meg: These would be great for the backyard. It’s the backyard, so it should be cheap. They’re three for $10!

3. Mason jar watercolour art by Cori Lee Marvin

Morgan: I spot a theme.

Me: Agreed. Mason jars are everywhere right now.

4. Marbling Art by Robert Wu

Morgan: I love the crazy colours in this one (right).

Me: It’s very Missoni.

5. Rope doorstoppers and mats by Karens Rope Work

Me: These are perfect for a cottage. Very nautical.

Morgan: I like the rug’s slip knot design. That’s hard to find.

Meg: Rope is expensive. I spotted some vintage rope at an antique market, but didn’t buy it right away; when I went back, it was gone. I didn’t realize until later what a great price it was.

6. Colourful pillows and tea towels by Avril Loreti

Me: I’ve been following Avril for a couple of years now and this new batch of work is great. Her style is evolving.

Morgan: The colours are very pretty.

7. Ceramics by Bookhou

Me: Arounna has started putting her textile prints onto ceramics. They’re so delicate and sweet.

8. Handpainted cards by Leslie Zahara

Me: These would be cute for Easter or a toddler’s birthday.

Meg: Are we seeing so many bunnies because it’s almost Easter or is it a trend?

Me: I think it’s because of Easter.

9. Woven blankets from Tissage Magely Weaving

Morgan: I admire these blankets every year.

Meg: I like the mossy green one with the cream stripe. That’s a classic.

Hot tip: Tissage also takes requests for custom colourways.

10. Wood stools by Studio Liscious

Me: Oooh, these are nice.

Meg: I like the screw-top detail on the seat.

Morgan: Patrick LaJoie makes these. He does amazing work.

11. Silkscreen art by Whiteout Workshop

Meg: I’m buying one of these.

Morgan: I like the scriggly tree.

Natasha (the artist): That started out as a cherry tree, but then I got frustrated.

Morgan: Now I like it even more.

Me: Me too. (We all bought one.)

12. Ceramic vessels by Heyday Design

Me: More mason jars!

Morgan: I like the beaver.

Meg: The beaver is rare. I also like the cups that look like they have tape labels on them.

We found out that the beaver design was made using a jar that belonged to the artist’s great grandmother!

For more great artisans, check out Reiko Caron’s blog post on The Artist Project.

Photo credits:
Kimberley Brown

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