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June 19, 2015

7 Ways To Bring Island Style To Your Bedroom

Are sunshine and the warm summer breeze inspiring you to bring some island style into your home? A full on tropical transformation might be better left for a beach house or vacation home, as in Collette’s Barbados beach house shown above, but a few hits of island-inspired style can freshen up any bedroom in need of some renewal. Here are seven simple ways to try your hand at a serene beachy vibe.

1. White

Throw on some crisp white bedding and a clean coat of white wall paint for a bright and airy vibe. Add a canopy of soft white fabric to the bed if you really want a dreamy look. 

2. Lattice Pattern 

A key island-inspired motif. Use this pattern in accent pillows or a pair of ottomans for the foot of the bed. 

3. Rattan or Wicker 

These natural materials add warmth without adding the weight and bulk that wood can. Be selective – one or two pieces will often be enough.

4. A Hit of Beachy Colour

Painted furniture in a bright red, coral or blue is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to the overall whitewashed look. 

5. Greenery

A tropical bouquet or a palm style plant instantly adds an air of the sea. 

6. Coral

If you really want to drive the look home, add some sea inspired oddities like the pictured coral side table lamps.  

7. Tile Flooring

We don’t suggest you start ripping up your beautiful wood floor for tile, but if you already have a tiled space or if your bedroom is actually in the tropics, tile is a great flooring choice because it stands up to the humidity and keeps cool on hot days.