A Dream Home That Moves

Forty-three years ago, Habitat 67 by Moshe Safdie became an icon of modular building. Although many of us never had the chance to see it personally, we know the pavilion as a symbol of Expo 67 and its theme, “Man and his World”. The building was comprised of 354 cubes, to form 148 residences.

Habitat 67 Inspires 2010 Eurodale Dream Home

Today, design-savvy modular and pre-fab homes are regularly featured in the pages of Dwell, ELLE Decoration UK and more, thanks to their modern style, cost effectiveness and often, ecological sustainability. It’s no wonder that builders Brendan Charters and Jim Cunningham and architect Richard Librach were inspired to use the principle of modular building blocks for the 2010 Eurodale Dream Home at the National Home Show (NHS). (This blog and the Little Projects Guide are sponsored by NHS.)

2010 Eurodale Dream Home 3D Plan

Built according to 12 environmentally friendly architectural principles, the 2010 Eurodale Dream Home will be comprised of building blocks that can be moved to a new location or added on top of another existing structure. And builder Brendan Charters’ excitement is palpable. “It’s a luxury home, complete with beautiful finishes and modern technologies, but it was important to be able to re-use the home and save it from demolition,” he says. “It’s the first time a 3,000-square-foot luxury home is being built inside for the purposes of exhibition in seven days, then being dismantled in two days and shipped and re-erected on another site.”

The length and depth of the visioning and design process lends extra credibility to the exhibition space. “The 2010 Eurodale Dream Home is a responsible home, one that was planned to achieve more than just shallow aesthetic goals,” Charters says. Indeed, he, his partner Jim Cunningham, Librach and others first started talking about the design at the BILD (Building Industry and Land Development) Habitat for Humanity barbeque last July.

This BlueSkyMod trailer-style home was one of the buildings that inspired Charters, Cunningham and Librach, for example.

BlueSkyMod Home

“We also met with Mark Salerno from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Luigi Ferrara, the Director at Institute Without Boundaries at George Brown College, about the work they had done researching the home,” he says. Those two groups encouraged them to integrate systems into the 2010 Eurodale Dream Home to facilitate growing food, boosting social interactions and the ability of the home to expand or contract in size. “It is a truly challenging and exciting approach to planning a home that is more than just nice to look at,” Charters says.

Those who visit the home will be inspired to consider some of the environmentally friendly aspects for their own space, such as the green roof, solar panels, Smart Home wiring for HVAC, high-density foam insulation and energy-efficient windows and doors. But rest assured, decorating fans, the 2010 Eurodale Dream Home will also include lots of interior-design inspiration! CityLine designers Rasmin Khachi, Karen Sealy, Sharon Grech and Janette Ewen are all creating luxe interiors complete with the latest decorating trends.

Visit the 2010 Eurodale Dream Home at the National Home Show between February 19 to 28, 2009. (Advance discount tickets are available now—save $5 by using the promo code: HOUSE.) Plus, get solutions to all your home decorating dilemmas (and a chance to win prizes) in our Little Projects Guide.

Photo credits:
1. Habitat 67 
2. National Home Show
3. BlueSkyMod

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