A Graphic New Wallpaper Design By Portland-Based Juju Papers

Regular readers already know we have a bit of a thing for wallpaper. (Our camera roll is like @IHaveThisThingWithFloors but, you know, for walls.) But can you blame us, when beautiful examples of wallpaper cross our desks/Instagram feeds/Pinterest boards every single day? Case in point: the fun new patterns by Portland-based studio Juju Papers. Big Moon (above) was inspired by the indie art and music scene of 1980s New York, while Pas de Trois is a more subtle style that would instantly elevate a bedroom or living room.

Source: Juju Papers [http://www.jujupapers.com/index.php]Products: Big Moon wallpaper, Juju Papers [http://www.jujupapers.com/index.php].

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Stacy Lee Kong
Juju Papers
Big Moon wallpaper, Juju Papers.