A Mindful Moment

I think we can all agree that January is bananas. Everyone is doing everything with fresh resolve, from hitting the gym to fixing up our homes. The result is a sort of frantic optimism that usually simmers down to a sustainable productivity. (Or completely evaporates, but I’m still being optimistic!). Perhaps not coincidentally, the calendar is chockablock with events that aim to inspire design enthusiasts to update, upgrade and embrace change.

In Toronto, the Interior Design Show (IDS), Come Up to My Room, Capacity and Toronto Design Offsite all kick off this week. This year, IDS welcomes Moroso’s Creative Director Patrizia Moroso as international guest of honour; the above sofa is by Marc Thorpe for the brand. In Paris, Maison & Objet takes place from January 24 to 28 and will reveal what’s new and next from nearly 3,000 different brands. And NY Now will do the same on this side of the pond from February 1 to 6.

But don’t let all of this attention on the latest and greatest obscure the biggest trend of 2014. Marketers already have a term for it: JOMO or The Joy of Missing Out. The decade came in on a wave of frantic connectivity that made us social voyeurs and left us constantly wondering, “Are we missing out?” A few years older and wiser, our collective answer is, “So what?”

Twice a month, Google is hosting silent “mindful lunches.” App creators are giving us guided meditation sessions at our fingertips. And our homes are reflecting this desire to stop multitasking and live in the moment.

The trend doesn’t manifest itself as a style so much as an attitude. As I hop from event to event deciding what’s hot and what’s not, I’ll be asking myself: Is this of the moment? More than ever, the answer will have less to do with colour and finish, and everything to do with how we want to live in the here and now.

Photo credits:
1. Moroso
2. Ditte Isager, Paul Costello
3, 5. Ditte Isager
4. Amy Neunsinger, Notes on Design
5. Ditte Isager
6. Miles Redd photographed by Paul Costello, Melanie Acevedo

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