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December 8, 2009

A Mod Gift For Cats

Stumped about what Mr. Whiskers wants for the holidays this year? Maybe skip the catnip and give your kitty this super cool litter box from ModKat.

Photo: ModKat blue litter box - space saver

Photo: ModKat white litter box - space saver

Although I tend to lean a bit more toward the “dog person” side of things myself, I couldn’t help but notice how excited my feline-loving fellow editors got over this new litter box’s clean aesthetic and space-saving rooftop entry system. Dubbed the “iPod of litter boxes” by The New York Times, and with a tag line that states “ModKat, where modern cats do their business”, how could any design-savvy cat owner say no? Plus, when you buy online before December 25th, you can knock $20 off the $180 USD price.

Photo: ModKat little box - colours: red, white, black, cream, blue

Photo: Cat and ModKat litter box

Photo credits:
1-4. ModKat