Alfresco Showers

Lately I’ve been dreaming about an outdoor shower. Don’t you think they just say summer? I have a couple on my Pinterest board Cottage Style because I’m mulling over the idea of installing one at my P.E.I. cottage. The thing is, last summer we worked like crazy to get the place into shape to enjoy, so there’s a big part of me that just wants to enjoy — no projects. But I know myself better than that. If we do it, my design wish list would include :

1. A pebble shower floor — sooo good for beach feet.
2. Enclosure made of cedar that would weather to a silvery grey.
3. A separate compartment from the shower itself with a built-in bench and hooks for bathing suit, robe, towels, etc.
4. A bug zapper nearby to keep the ‘skeeters under control.
5. A light. Imagine a long hot afternoon at the beach, followed by a barbecue, a campfire and a few games of cards, then a late night shower just before crawling into a bed with clean sheets… aahh!

Here are some of the showers I’m looking at for inspiration:

This one is pretty but a bit too fancy — it’s practically a whole bunkie!

This one is kind of perfect. It has that extra compartment I want on the right. Not sure what the ladder is all about and I would prefer a less enclosed top — but maybe privacy was an issue here.

This one looks super inexpensive to MacGyver up with a bit of pipe and sailcloth. It’s a famous outdoor shower — at the Bridgehampton retreat of SJP and Matthew Broderick.

Cedar + white. Love it. This one doesn’t have the extra compartment but does have a bench. Looks large enough that towels on the bench or the back wall wouldn’t get wet when the shower’s on, which is key. Plus, it has a toe tester for water temp, also key.

I like the airiness of this one thanks to the space along the bottom. And this one has the light I want. Also, cedar + white = like.

And check this one. It’s a kit from the Pennsylvania Amish and operates using its very own hot water on demand propane water heater. So genius! I wonder how long it would take them to bring me one via horse and buggy from Lancaster Country to Prince Edward Island?

Browse more outdoor showers here.

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