An Industrial Parisian Dining Room

Parisian architecture meets industrial design in this dining room decorated by Jean Stéphane Beauchamp. The ceiling features caged, clustered pendant lighting and painted wooden beams, creating a stylish unfinished look. The hardwood herringbone floors pay homage to the Carnavalet Museum in Paris, which was a key inspiration to the interior. Modern furniture finds balance between the two very opposite styles. 

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André Rider
Jean Stéphane Beauchamp Design
Maison Demeure February 2014 Issue
Table and chairs, Beige; cream bowls, candle holder steel, Arthur Quentin; lighting, Ma Mobilier Actuel; linen table coverings , Qui Dort Dine; all curtains by Jean Stéphane Beauchamp Design.

One Response to “An Industrial Parisian Dining Room”

October 07, 2015 at 7:54 pm, Madelina said:

this is the dining room I dream of..thank u.



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