Antique Dining Table Update

We squeezed in as much work on the house as we could this past weekend, but in reality not much happened between time with friends, family and fireworks.

What we did do is plan out our big furniture move next weekend, when we’ll finally get our stuff out of storage (currently located in my very understanding sister’s basement). On Sunday, I went down there to take a peek at the dining room table. It belonged to my grandma, and my sister Karen has been using it as her laundry folding table for the past few years. It’s quite a pretty piece for socks and skivvies.

Photo: Jacobean-style table

In its glory, it looked a lot like this Jacobean-style table, with intricate carvings and bulbous legs. I have great memories of fancy dinners at that table, set with my grandma’s blue and gold china and cut-crystal glasses.

Photo: antique table with industral green legs

On its own, the table is rather formal. So to take grandma’s dining set from Sunday Dinner to Casual Friday, I plan to break up the table and chairs and mix in some vintage Breuer Cesca chairs. We found four at a salvage shop for a song, and I suspect they might even be originals! I noticed that at Toronto’s Atelier 688, they mixed the same chairs with a more industrial-style table. Pretty.

Photo: old table with chairs in different colours and styles

It’s not a new idea, but mixing up chairs with an old table can really make a statement. Here, the concept is taken to new heights with chairs in different colours and styles.

Photo: traditonal table and chairs in a more modern open space

If we tire of the modern-chair mix, we can switch them out for the matching ones down the line. I love how this table is made a bit more casual due to its proximity to the open kitchen.

Photo: old grandmother's table with thrift chairs

In my twenties, I moved my grandma’s table all around Montreal with me and, as you can see, it took quite a beating between U-Hauls and dinner parties.

With a little TLC, we hope to bring it back to life and keep it for many years to come. Looking at these photos again, I realize that we have a lot of work ahead to make this table beautiful once again. Have any of you had success with such a project? I’m all ears.

Whether you’re interested in updating a vintage piece or buying new, get inspired with these dining room table photos.

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