Aran Knit Inspiration

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of street style photos like this pop up on blogs and Pinterest. They got me thinking. I have a sweater like that, I must dig it out.

And here it is. My mother knit my Aran sweater more than 20 years ago. It’s now back in regular wardrobe rotation. This sweater is a testament to superiority of natural materials (pure wool) and handmade construction. Aran knits take their name from the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. The natural wicking, insulating qualities and water-repellency of the wool made these sweaters ideal protection for those spending their days fishing the fierce North Atlantic. The combinations of stitch patterns used were indicators of clan and livelihood. For example, moss stitch depicts the seaweed that was used to fertilize the fields; cable stitch represents fisherman’s ropes. In fact, the distinctive patterns were often used to identify the bodies of fishermen whose bodies washed up on the shore following an accident at sea. Ah, bless the Irish and their grim tales! I’m pleased to report my sweater conjures much happier thoughts.

My newly rediscovered love of chunky, creamy cable knits has me wishing I could drape myself in them 24/7. Luckily, the trend has migrated over to home, so I have the option of doing just that.

I trace the rise of this trend to Christien Meindertsma. The Dutch-born artist’s 2005 Flocks series and other knit creations are a whimsical overscale take on needle traditions and a commentary on sustainability. Hers is not your grandma’s knitting basket!

This piece by Meindertsma is actually a rug knit from the wool of 18 merino sheep! I could never imagine walking on such a pretty thing. I’d use it as a wall-hanging like this. You can actually buy this through Thomas Eyck for about $10,600.

The good news is you can buy into this trend at a much more affordable price with a few great accessories like this pillow (Indigo, $40) or charming pendant light (Land of Nod, $50US).

If you are nimble with the needles there are many great online sources for knitting patterns. My favourite is this one for a Christmas stocking. If you are more of a buy it than make it type, this throw from Rockett St. George is the perfect accompaniment to a mug of tea and a good book.

My love of Aran knits, however, is not boundless, and doesn’t extend to slipcovered chairs and sweatered trophy heads!

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