Architectural Bed Frames

I haven’t bought a bed frame, well, ever. I’ve been using the same rickety, wobbly, hand-me-down piece for so long that I don’t even remember which family member passed it on. Clearly, I need a new one, but I’ve been procrastinating on making a purchase because my tastes, sadly, are running richer than my pocket book will allow. I have an RRSP going — a Rest & Relaxation Savings Plan — but in the meantime, I’m just ear-marking fantasy picks. Here’s my top three:

Philipp Mainzer’s hefty solid oak bed is by far my favourite. It’s subtle yet warm and makes a strong statement, which are three things I always appreciate in a piece of furniture.

BDDW makes several beds I like. This one is minimalist with a twist — it’s inlaid with delicate flowers. In a way, it reminds me of a really butch, muscular guy with a really sweet tattoo in a conspicuous location, and I find the subtle irony amusing. I also like the dark, rich walnut.

I’ve admired British architect John Pawson’s buildings for a long time — his attention to detail and craftsmanship is impressive. His furniture is also exquisite, like this Driade bed frame in American cherry. I particularly like the somewhat retro floating nightstands and the overall heft of the headboard.

As long as I’m rolling down fantasy lane, I wouldn’t mind if my bed was in a John Pawson-designed room, too! Love the giant picture window in this converted barn.

Photo credits:
1. Klaus
3. Driade
4. Phaidon

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