Decorating & Design

November 28, 2008

Art For A Bare Wall

Q. I have one absolutely bare wall in my dining/living room. It measures 7-1/2’ by about 8-1/2’. I would like to hang pictures on this wall, but I don’t know how many pictures I should hang. My favourite pictures are usually ones with flowers. I don’t want to hang just one picture. Please tell me how many pictures I should hang and how they should be hung.

A. You have a nice-sized wall on which to hang a thoughtfully planned grouping of your favourite photographs or art. You can also mix photos and art, as long as the frames are similar. Since flowers are your passion, choose several floral themed photos or artwork. They don’t have to be the same size. In fact, your art wall will be more interesting if the sizes of the prints are a little different. Depending on the style of your room, choose either all wood, all black or all white frames, and it’s best if they are matted for even more consistency. Place all of the ready-to-hang pictures on the floor in front of the wall, and play around with the placement until you have an arrangement you are happy with. Keep the distance between frames about 3 inches apart so they seem more like a unified grouping of art instead of a bunch of frames floating on a wall. If you have the space, place a narrow console table on the wall under the art grouping, and set 2 lamps centered on the table. This will highlight not only the artwork, but will give a little more interest to the wall, including a surface upon which to place an extra dish or two when needed.