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October 5, 2012

Ask A Designer: Cool Condo Bedroom

Q. I need help with my bedroom! I have a modern condo, but the furniture in here just isn’t working. The headboard and bedside tables are new, and I’d like a chest of drawers to go along the wall opposite the bed. What can I do to make it look right?

— J.K., Vancouver (To submit your own question, see our Ask A Designer™ page.)

A. Wow, what a great space and layout. But, I agree your furniture doesn’t work. It’s too eclectic for the sleek architecture. And you need some layers to make the room feel a bit cosier. Start by painting the wall behind the bed a striking shade like Great Gray (50BG 06/044) from Dulux. As in our inspiration shot, it will provide contrast and create depth.

Next, bring in some shapely bedside lamps. I love Schoolhouse Electric’s Bond lamp in Opal. The glossy hand-blown glass base has a lovely vintage feel. Your current chair isn’t the right style, but the natural rattan material leans in the right direction. Look for something that offers the same warmth, but has a more fluid shape, like CB2’s 1938 Butterfly chair. The tone of the leather sling seat is an old world ruddy brown that will deliver a hit of warmth and comfort.

Having a bench at the foot of the bed is a smart idea — the perfect spot to toss extra bedding and pillows at night. The one you have now is a bit too rustic; take a look at the Wrap bench, also from CB2, with its natural jute-rope seat and acacia frame. The design is more vintage than country, which will work nicely with the bedside lamps.

Your new dresser should be relatively large to balance the proportions of your bed. I like the Morgan dresser from Structube. The waterfall-style walnut sides and top contrast the white lacquer fronts for impact, plus the lighter front means it won’t look too heavy against your dark carpet.

Lastly, layer up your bed! Your crisp white duvet is a good base, but introduce a contrasting sheet set like DwellStudio’s Graphic Stripe in Ink to create more interest. Then, drape the Hudson’s Bay Millennium Caribou throw at the foot of your bed.

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1. Lamp, Schoolhouse Electric. 2. Paint, Great Gray (50BG 06/044), Dulux. 3. Throw, The Bay. 4. Chair, CB2. 5. Dresser, Structube. 6. Bench, CB2. 7. Bedding, DwellStudio.