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November 6, 2015

Ask A Designer: How Do I Pick A White Paint Color?

Q: I am in need of white paint for the majority of my home. I am a fan of Benjamin Moore paint and I know House & Home is too. I have lovely moss green wallpaper with hints of gold and can see my living room painted a beautiful white. I have classic red carpets and bamboo shades as well as some nice black pieces, wood, and blue and white porcelains. I cannot figure out the white background. 911!

– Ellen Ryan via email (To submit your own question, email us at [email protected]).

A: Without seeing your house and quality of light, we can only give you our all-time favorite whites, and suggest that you order a copy of “Decorating With White” from our website (currently sold out) or download it to your tablet. It has all the best whites and where to use them. Some of our favorites here at H&H are Benjamin Moore’s White Down, Cloud White, and Decorator’s White. White Down is warm and slightly smoky, Cloud White is brighter without being pure white, and Decorator’s White is brighter still.

White Tie from Farrow & Ball is another favorite. It’s more creamy, and less bright. Buy small quantities of these whites and paint pieces of cardboard with at least two coats. Move them around the house in the morning and at night to see how they look during different times of the day.

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James Tse


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